10 Security Officer Qualities All Warehouse Guards Should Possess

The security guard industry has grown quite a bit over the last few years, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.
In fact, there are already nearly 1 1/2 times more security guards in the United States than there are police officers and sheriffs.
Have you ever considered hiring a security guard to help keep your warehouse or distribution center safe? If you’re interested in this approach, it’s important to make sure you hire a guard who can handle a variety of responsibilities.
When you’re hiring a security company, they should hire qualified guards who have the skills to keep your property safe.

Warehouse Security Guards Should Display These 10 Traits

1. Stay Alert

The ability to stay alert and aware at all times is essential for any good security officer. Security guards often work at night or during off-peak hours.
Even at times when most people relax, guards must be on the lookout throughout the entirety of their shift to make sure no one enters a facility when they’re not supposed to or is engaged in any questionable behavior.
A security officer who cannot stay alert could put your tenants or your business in jeopardy.

2. Show Integrity

Honesty and integrity are also important traits for security guards, whether they’re guarding a warehouse, an apartment building, or anything in between.
A dishonest security guard puts your business at risk. Even if they do not steal from the company themselves, they may increase the company’s vulnerability to others who do want to steal or cause harm in some other way.
This is why a background check is such an important part of the hiring process. It helps you to ensure that you’re not hiring someone who has a history of dishonest or criminal activity.

3. Be Physically Fit

Some people think that all security guards do is hang out at a desk throughout their shift and keep watch via a computer screen.
That may be the case for some security guards, but a good officer should still be fit. They may need to run after or restrain someone, and they won’t be able to do their job well if they do not prioritize their physical health.
Good physical health is also linked to better mental alertness.

4. Communicate

Security guards often have to communicate with residents, employees, customers, and other people coming in and out of a facility.
A good security guard will be able to communicate clearly and appropriately with different individuals and ensure the right people gain access and are denied access to the facility.
Good written communication is important, too.
Security guards often have to fill out reports at the end of their shift, and good writing abilities make it much easier for the next officer who’s taking over to understand what occurred while they were away.

5. Observe and Report

It’s not enough for security officers to be able to stay alert and observe what’s going on around them. They also need to know when and how to report what they observe to the proper authorities.
Security guards may need to describe events to police officers or paramedics. If they aren’t able to recall exactly what happened, they could jeopardize someone’s care or increase the risk of that issue happening again.

6. Act Quickly

It’s a security officer’s responsibility to act when they notice something awry. They need to be able to think on their feet and respond in an appropriate matter right away.
Someone who has poor decision-making skills may not be a good fit to work as a security officer for your business.

7. Maintain Order

In some situations, it’s the job of a security guard to maintain order. If they’re working in a facility where protests may occur, for example, they need to be able to keep unruly individuals or crowds in check using their communication skills and physical abilities.
Security guards may also simply be faced with belligerent people who do not want to follow instructions or who insist on gaining access to a facility even after they’ve been denied.
Maintaining order is not always easy, and it takes a special person to be able to de-escalate issues and keep everyone calm.

8. Know and Uphold Rules and Regulations

A security officer must be able to learn the rules and regulations of a particular facility quickly. They need to memorize guidelines so they know the proper protocol when a situation arises.
They also need to be willing to uphold those guidelines even in situations when it’s difficult or inconvenient to do so.

9. Provide Assistance

One of the many benefits of a security guard working at your business is that they can help residents, employees, and visitors. They can even double as a receptionist for your facility in some cases.
When you’re searching for a security guard, make sure that they are willing and able to provide assistance to those who need directions or other forms of assistance.

10. Perform Specialized Tasks

Finally, a security officer who is able to perform specialized tasks is highly valuable to your business.
For example, security officers who can receive phone calls and respond to messages in a timely manner will be a great asset to your company. When you’re interviewing candidates, be sure to find out what other kinds of skills they offer beyond the traditional security-related skills.

Find Someone to Handle All These Security Officer Duties

Having a great security officer on duty can help to keep your facility (and all the people who enter and exit it) safe and running smoothly.
The best security guard for your business, whether it’s an apartment complex, a commercial facility, or anywhere else, will be able to handle all these essential security officer duties.
Do you need help finding someone who fits the bill? If you’re having a hard time finding the perfect security guard for the job, we can help at OPS Security Group.
Contact us today for help hiring a security guard who fulfills all your needs.
We also offer security guard training resources to help your current guards improve their skills and make sure they meet all the requirements listed above.

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