10 Tips for Hiring Great Security Officers

10 Tips for Hiring Great Security Officers

Nearly 8 million property crimes are reported in the US each year. This doesn’t include the 1.2 million violent crimes reported annually. Property managers and building managers need to make security a priority.
Hiring security officers from a security services company improves property value in the eyes of potential clients. While security systems, cameras, and monitors may deter some criminals, they are not enough on their own.
Check out these top 10 tips for hiring security officers from a security guard services provider.
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Hold High Standards for Security Guard Appearance and Performance

You don’t want your security guard to be some guy wandering around like a creepy office manager who’s lost. Security guards should look and play the part of making everything secure.
A professional appearance and attitude are important. It instills trust with property consumers and deters criminals.
When hiring security officers for your residential building or commercial property, you want them to look and act professional. Guards should wear a properly equipped uniform, appear neat and clean, and be alert on the job.

Adequate Security Training and Education

It’s important that your security guard is more than a body in a uniform. You need someone trained to handle any situation.
It’s vital they have all certificates, training, and licenses needed. They need them to perform the duties of their job legally.
This may include having their Pennsylvania Lethal Weapons certification. Armed guards are required to have certification prior to carrying a firearm. They will require additional licenses and permits.
When hiring security officers verify each one has met Pennsylvania government licensing requirements.
Consider additional training that’s beneficial for your property. First aid, CPR, and crisis management courses are all great skills to look for.
Background checks, psychological examinations, and drug testing are common requirements for security guards.

Don’t Hire Revolving-Door Security Guards

Good security companies don’t hire revolving-door guards. Security guard companies know that someone else’s recent fire shouldn’t be a new hire. These types of guards bring bad habits and don’t want to grow.
Veterans and retired police bring experience. Their work ethic and skills that make them an asset to security teams. The ability to work well under pressure and follow protocol can be a benefit.
It’s easier and more economical for them to renew licenses, permits, and certification. Discounts, retraining education, and previously acquired skills make them valuable team members.

Communication is Key

When hiring a security guard company and security officers, your top priority is communication. The guard company needs to be able to communicate its officers. Guards must communicate with residents or visitors and with you.
Security guards must effectively communicate in emergency situations. They should have skills to de-escalate a tense situation.

Are They Mobile? Protecting Your Entire Property

If you’re hiring security officers to sit at a desk you could hire a receptionist. That works when you have security measures in various locations on the property. It doesn’t work when you have one guard sitting at a desk and an entire property at risk.
You want to make sure the terms of their job description are in writing. Have patrol schedules and consider changing the routine. This doesn’t allow criminals to know where is not protecting at any given time.

Security Company VS. Private Security Team

There are advantages to each method of hiring security officers to consider.
A security company offers services that wouldn’t be cost-effective to implement in office. You don’t have to worry about staffing issues or Human Resources. Those concerns belong to the security company.
Private security teams aren’t bound by another company’s policies. You determine the job description.
You have exclusive protection from private security guards. Security companies may do scheduled patrols. This leaves large gaps of time you’re unprotected by on-site security.

First Impressions and Reputations

It’s hard with first impressions to know the best security officer to hire. Do your research and check out their reputation in the industry.
Ask for detailed answers from references, look up reviews online. Private hires and companies will have a reputation and you shouldn’t take their word for it.
It’s good to go with your gut but use your brain too. Check out credentials, verify licenses, and perform due diligence when hiring security officers.

Worth the Investment

Safety is always worth the investment. A proactive approach to security can eliminate vandalism. Theft and more serious crimes deterred by the presence of security.
Investing in high quality security companies is protecting your larger investment. You provide safer and more attractive services to renters and visitors.
A safer neighborhood and sense of security raises your property value. It makes your property more marketable. This is a good thing to promote in marketing material.

It’s All About the Details

Work out the details and expectations of your security plan. Include the equipment required and what will be provided by you.
Responsibility for cell phones, tablets, and uniforms should in the terms of employment. Discuss and document the terms of employment both parties agreed to.
It’s good to know when hiring security officers how they’ll respond to situations. Get detailed responses to hypothetical scenarios to learn their reactions. Ensure you discuss the policies and procedures you expect followed.

Customer Service with a Smile

Your security team are representatives of your company. Security needs to provide the same levels of customer service that you would. It doesn’t matter if they’re a company or private hire they represent you.
Consider their approach to customer service. Decide whether it fits with your company mission and meets your standards. If you are hiring a security company you want to make sure customer service is something you get. You don’t want to sign a contract for poor client services and rude customer care.
The security officers on your property will be the only contact some visitors have. You want it to be a good experience.

Peace of Mind

Hiring security officers can give you and your property visitors peace of mind. Professional, friendly, well-trained staff can ease your responsibility. You no longer have to worry about properties when you can’t be there.
They can improve your property reputation and value. People want to be safe and the presence of security officers lets them feel they are.
It’s important to hire the right fit to meet your needs.
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