3 Benefits of Investing in Higher Priced Security Companies

Invest in higher priced security companies

When you’re a property manager shopping for security guard services, you’ll need to evaluate multiple bids at different price points. It can get confusing: cheaper priced companies list the same services as higher priced companies.
Why would anyone pay more for the same security service?
The cost of security guard services goes hand in hand with quality. The more you invest in a security guard company, the better quality security services you’ll get.
Higher cost security guard companies don’t pad their pockets with your money—they’re investing those extra dollars into security guard:

  • Training
  • Wages
  • Hiring processes (that reel in top talent)

Investing in these elements will return top quality security guards that create a secure, friendly atmosphere in your building, improve your reputation, and even increase your bottom-line.
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3 Returns You’ll Get from Investing in Higher Priced Security Companies:

1. Better security & professionalism via better security guard training

Higher priced security companies will invest more in training that equips their guards with a wider range of skills.
Guards with a range of security skills will respond more professionally and tactfully in any scenario, even high-risk situations. In addition to better security skills, higher level training will develop guards with better people skills.
So, security guards with high-level training will:

  • Know when to shift gears from concierge to security mode
  • Treat leaseholders courteously from the concierge desk to the door

Your residents will feel more comforted with building security that keeps threats at bay and makes them feel welcome. Guards with more skill and professionalism will also reflect more positively on your property’s brand image.
On the other hand, a security guard company that provides poor training will create unmotivated guards that break protocol. For example:
A security guard manning your property’s concierge desk falls asleep in plain sight of respectable guests or an intruder.
Invest more in a security guard company, and your property and its residents will reap the benefits of better security guard performance.

2. Friendly atmosphere on your property with more loyal security guards

Security companies that charge a higher price can afford to pay their employees respectable, livable wages—that means higher security guard retention.
Higher security guard retention means you won’t:

  • Face a new cycle of security guards every season
  • Feel stuck while your security company trains new guards

Security guards that stick around your building will become familiar with your property’s security needs. Familiarity with your property and its building security will help them respond faster to security threats.
On top of that, it’s easier for security guards to form relationships with people in your building the longer they’ve worked on your property. Guards who know residents on a face-to-name will go above and beyond to serve those people. For instance:
A better trained and higher paid guard might escort your residents or building’s employees to their vehicles. This extra level of service makes a good first impression with people inside and outside your property.

3. Peace of mind through hiring top-talent security guards

A higher priced security guard company will have a more rigorous hiring process. A tougher hiring process will bring only the top-tier security guard candidates to the surface.
With a high-cost security company, you won’t have to worry about recycled guards from other companies (guards that bring bad security habits from past jobs). You can rest assured your property will never be put at risk because of static security guard practices.
Instead, your money will be invested in a more adaptable and higher quality talent pool that will stay loyal to your property. These security guard candidates will be more dedicated to the job and driven to advance their careers.
You’ll feel at ease knowing you can trust security guards committed to protecting your property and helping your leaseholders.

Boost your bottom-line, safety & reputation by investing in better security

The price differences of building security may not make sense to you at first. But don’t settle for a lower priced service because you don’t understand the true benefits of a larger security investment.
Bargain brand security services will only deliver lower quality protection. The more you invest in a security guard company, the more they will invest in their guards so that the guards:

  • Provide high-level security for people inside your property
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere for current residents & newcomers
  • Bring you more ease with their adaptable, committed mindsets

Budgeting for higher quality security is an investment that can improve your property’s brand image. A better brand image will make your building look like a more appealing place and boost your reputation as a property manager.
In the long-run, both of these things will help generate more renewals and sign-ons for your office space or apartment building.
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