3 Risks You Should Know About Warehouse Security

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In 2015 an estimated $14.3 billion in losses occurred in the United States as a result of property crime. That’s a significant sum in goods to be stolen due to a lack of security.
It isn’t too far of a leap to know that a lack of security increases the chances of a break-in occurring. The looser the security the more likely a break-in or theft will occur. This is why warehouse security is so important.
However, hiring security guards isn’t enough. Security should be included in your warehouse safety program. This security section should address issues like access control equipment and monitoring devices.
Security guards face risks too and understanding what those are will help to properly secure your warehouse. It will enhance the effectiveness of your security team.

1. Access Control

Access control refers to measures taken beyond having guards checking IDs and vetting guests prior to entrance. Access control here is in reference to the use of technology to assist the security team.
A few popular examples of this would be installing a keyless access control system, mobile handheld ID scanners, and visitor access control policy.

Keyless Access Control System

Keyless access control systems don’t require granting and denying access to individual employees in real-time based on need. Instead, a security manager will be able to send keys to employees, contractors, and delivery drivers.
Each door will be record who unlocked that door and at what time. A security manager can generate a report which displays this information for each door connected to the system. This will allow security teams to know who has access to which areas. Security personnel will also know when an unauthorized entry occurs the facility. Thus reducing the risk of getting snuck up on or hurt because of a burglar.

Mobile Handheld ID Scanners

Equipping your security personnel with mobile handheld ID scanners and requiring all employees to display their IDs while in the building will really help to give your security team the upper hand.
These mobile ID scanners allow security personnel to scan IDs of any employee in the building. Guards will know in real-time who is allowed access to what and when. They’ll also know if an employee is let go, suspended, or promoted and granted more access.
This will greatly help your security team control who is allowed where in your facilities thus protecting your employees and assets, as well as themselves by gaining the advantage of knowing right away if someone isn’t supposed to be somewhere.

Visitor Access Control Policy

Sometimes visitors will be allowed in your warehouse. Whether those visitors consist of investors, tour groups, suppliers, distributors, or contractors their access should be controlled as much as the employees.
To ensure this it’s best to implement a visitor access control policy. At a minimum this policy should have a list of authorized reasons for a visitor to be granted access to the warehouse, a way to identify proof the visitor, a system for an employee with proper rights to vouch for the visitor, as well as determining how long they are allowed to have access for and a form of ID to show they are an authorized visitor.
A good and thorough visitor access control policy or program will help to enhance the ability of the security personnel to properly secure and protect your employees and property.

2. Security Monitoring

Security cameras and surveillance systems are a great way to bolster security and reduce some of the risks for the guards. Well placed security cameras will be able to see all the areas with low traffic and visibility.
Not only will this help your security guards but your other employees as well. Having well placed cameras will allow security personnel to see when someone is injured who may not have been found for quite some time otherwise.
Security cameras can also aid law enforcement in capturing those criminals who may successfully break into your warehouse and make off with your products. The better the leads the earlier in the incident for law enforcement the better chance you stand of getting your stolen property back.

3. Security/Intruder Detection System

Security alarms can have more benefits than just alerting law enforcement to a break in. Alarms can also alert on-site security personnel where a break-in or theft is actively taking place in the facility. This can be useful if someone managed to somehow break into the facility.
Security alarms can also reduce the risk of a security guard becoming seriously injured. Should a guard be injured during a theft or break-in, the intruders can still trip the alarm which will alert other guards if there are any as well as law enforcement personnel.

Comprehensive Warehouse Security

When it comes to warehouse security there is no such thing as overboard. Actually, that’s not true at all, and really is terrible advice. You should only utilize the amount of security that meets your needs and your budget. Keep in mind you may need to be flexible on either of those standards in order to find the right security solution.
Don’t settle for just any security service peddling their wares. Do your research and be sure to find a security service that offers a comprehensive security solution for your business needs.
The 3 examples above together is a great example of a comprehensive security solution. All three components working in concert to bolster the overall security of a facility. Working together seamlessly for an integrated security solution.
If you are looking for security solutions to meet your business needs, contact us today and request a security consultation.

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