3 Ways the Office Security Guard Can Improve Workplace Security

In today’s world, the reports of office crime and attacks have increased significantly. Your staff may not feel safe when they arrive at work for a variety of reasons. These might include the location of the office, the current public attitude towards their line of work, or a lack of law enforcement presence.
Help staff reduce this anxiety so they can focus on productivity by providing security for them. The office security guard is about more than just another face. It’s a deterrent for crime and a protective individual that focuses on employee safety.

Staff Confidence in Safety Measures

Feeling safe makes a huge difference in how people act throughout the day. If someone worries about a crime or attack taking place, they are more likely to be fearful. They avoid doing anything extra that might put themselves at risk.
They are going to encourage others to do the same. For teams of people who like to enjoy break-time walks, this could cause them to not take those walks. If they enjoy outdoor activities and lunch parties, they may choose to stay inside.
Each of these decisions contributes to their level of workplace happiness. The culture of your company changes. These changes may not be in the direction you want your company to grow. It affects the team’s everyday attitude if they’re uncomfortable participating in healthy activities.
Their perspective at work might change so they stop looking forward to coming to work. All these changes determine how effectively they work.
Something as simple as an emotional feeling has a domino effect into many other areas of the company. If you provide an individual that focuses on employee safety, this effect is now positive.
They realize someone is watching out for them and their team. They are more willing to participate in those previous activities that made them feel happy. Depending on how stressful the environment is, these outlets may be extremely necessary.
Those breaks give them the mental energy to come back to their office rejuvenated. In turn, the team enjoys a more positive perspective, and this gets shared through the office. Overall, everyone benefits from this one simple addition to your staff.

Increased Productivity & the Office Security Guard

Who knew having one person just outside the door could affect overall productivity? It’s much easier to understand when you realize that reducing anxiety levels is powerful.
Enjoying work includes having a healthy mental state. Increased anxiety levels don’t mesh well with a happy environment. Fear, stress, and anxiety work together to bring the mood of the entire team down.
Staff focus on their jobs instead of worrying about personal danger or property damage. They can be inside meeting deadlines, instead of concerning themselves with outside affairs. All these emotional duties get transferred to the security guard.
Hire someone who is passionate about their job. They will be walking throughout the parking lot and inside of the building. They will make conversations and get to know your team. This camaraderie creates a relationship that even of the surface increases productivity.
Your staff feels comfortable because there is a friendly relationship between them and a guard who knows them. They no longer feel they have to worry about someone breaking in and wreaking havoc.
Their mental energy is more productive and spent on the projects that affect the bottom line. This is the beginning of the financial benefits that occur when you bring in a security guard. Production increases by your team pay for the cost of this service many times over.

Reduced Crime Rates on Site

The way the local community views your office affects how it’s treated by criminals as well. If they see the site as an easy target, you may discover that the rate of break-ins and attempted crimes increase. This is not beneficial either for your team or your customers.
When they don’t feel safe, they’re not going to do business with you or visit the site. If they don’t feel safe, you’re not going to get referrals from current customers. These decisions affect the culture of your team and your financial bottom line.
It’s important to present a safe, qualified presence in the community. These efforts ensure the future success of your business. The office security is a major factor from this perspective. Investing in this member of your team is not only wise, but it’s almost necessary.
Different parts of town experience various levels of crime. Let community residents and potential customers know you protect your property line.
It’s about more than protecting the investment you’ve made into equipment or a building. It might also improve the rates insurance charges you each month.
Present a unified front and let criminals know their efforts are not going to be productive here. Let them see the monitoring activities take place. They will realize that security is always watching out.
Not only will your team work better, but your customers will feel better about working with you. You will also sleep easier knowing the guard protects what you’ve built as a business owner. You’re also keeping your team safe, which means they’re going to stick around longer.

Hire Professional Security Today

The sooner you get this member of your team working, the more benefits you’ll see. Check out the reputation of the company before you bring them on board. Make sure their reviews have high-quality ratings from other clients.
Find out if they offer any extra services, such as weekend and late night hours. Ask the team if they carry guns or work with alternative crime prevention tools. Find out what their specialty is and interview them to see if they fit your needs.
Your team will see the office security guard making the rounds and getting to know them. Then, you’ll begin to see positive effects. If you have questions, check out our site for more information. Find out how you can improve the security at your business today!

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