6 Questions to Ask Before You Hire Commercial Security Services Company

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Running a business involves a lot of planning and structure surrounding safety. Not only do you want to keep your employees safe, but also your property and investments. Choosing a security company to watch over your business can be overwhelming.There are many different services offered by security companies.

Of course, you’ll need to make this decision based on different factors that affect your business. How many employees are you trying to protect? What about your assets, what are they, and how many are there?
Besides that, you’ll need to know what type of questions to ask. This way, you can educate yourself before signing a contract.
You’ll want to know a few key details in particular in order to ensure the company you choose will meet your needs.
We’re discussing six questions that you should ask before signing on with any commercial security services.
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What experience do you have in a building like mine?

When considering a commercial security services company, check the experience they have. You should always confirm that the security services are the primary service offered. Some companies only offer security as an added service.
Find out how many years the company has been in business for, and ask about their track record. Request references and make sure the services are available in your area.
Look for commercial security services that provide trained and experienced specialists. Make sure they are familiar with your industry.

How do you ensure your security officers are compliant?

Furthermore, they should understand the particular nuances of your business. Make sure that your security officers will know their roles. They should always be in compliance with both your business and the security industry.
Consider the depth of the company’s experience, and how it pertains to your needs.
Take the time to evaluate each company according to the range of services that they offer. Look for one that offers services above and beyond traditional security.

How do you train and hold your security guards accountable?

How many guards do your commercial security services process each month? Basically, what is the hiring process and protocols for training?
You’ll want to make sure that the security company you choose is able to contract local guards.
Ask if they hire and support veterans, former military, or guards with criminal justice degrees. Don’t forget to review the company’s background check protocol, which should include drug testing.
If a firm is processing hundreds or even thousands of guards each month, you might expect them to be the best at what they offer, but this isn’t always the case. It could mean that their guards don’t get adequate training.

What are the training requirements for your security staff?

Investigate the commercial security company to find out what training requirements are. Also, check your state’s minimal requirements to be sure you understand these practices.
Ask what the security company does to exceed the requirements set by the state. What site-specific security training is in place for new officers? Be specific with your questions to ensure accurate responses.

Follow up: ask about responsibilities guards have after training vs. what falls on you

You should find out how the security officers are trained too. Some companies use generalized computer programs. Others offer a traditional classroom and teaching staff.
Teaching staff should be interactive with your community. They should also be interested in your business needs to ensure proper training protocols. Take the time to find out how long the training is prior to hiring any guards.
Learn about the responsibilities of the security guards after training. These details should be straightforward. However, some specialized services are more complex.

How do you comply with best practices for security?

The commercial security services you choose should comply with best practices in your industry.
Make sure they understand both local and national practices. Try to determine if the security company can respond to special challenges.
Some businesses prefer to use national providers that offer a local presence. They have the specific knowledge and expertise to handle diverse needs.
A local business may not be familiar with your particular industry, especially at the national level. You want to make sure the company you hire will have your best interests in mind.

What is the cost of your service and additional services?

The cost is one of the most important things to consider when selecting commercial security services. But this shouldn’t be your primary concern. What you’re really looking for is quality service.
You can also ask about any extras that the company offers. Additional services can compensate for the overall cost of your contract.
Choose a security company that is looking out for your best interests. You want a company that provides high-quality security guards or officers with an impressive understanding of your specific needs.
In the best case scenario, your commercial security agency will view your relationship as a partnership instead of a service.
Added services that you can ask about include but are not limited to the following :

  • Town hall meetings
  • Safeguarding community and business assets
  • Monitoring construction activity
  • Monitoring school bus zones
  • Providing alarm systems
  • Assisting employees

On the other hand, you shouldn’t pay for services you don’t need. Check out each service plan so you can choose one that meets your specific requirements. Try to find out if there are any hidden fees.

Commercial Security Services Are One Click Away

After selecting a commercial security services company, take steps to ensure that the service is up to your standards.
Perform quarterly and annual reviews with security management to ensure operations are meeting your needs. Plans, technology, and manpower should match up with your original contract design.
A good commercial security services company should offer ways for you to monitor and keep track of your agreements. Some services offer dedicated web portals for you to store important data and other information.
Overall, your security service should offer nothing but accountability, flexibility, and value.
If you’re interested in commercial security services, or if you have questions, contact us. We have over 80 years of experience servicing the East coast.
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