5 Reasons to Hire a Security Guard to Protect Your Apartment Building

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The one place in the entire world where everyone deserves to feel safe is in their own home. And it shouldn’t matter if you rent or own or live in a house versus an apartment.
Home is your safe haven. Unfortunately, the statistics state otherwise. There are over one million home invasions every year in the United States. Every seven minutes another home is broken into.
And most of these invasions happen during the day between 10 am and 3 pm. As a building owner, you’re already aware that crimes affect your ability to rent out apartments. If potential renters feel unsafe, they’ll find somewhere else safer.
Hiring a personal security guard can make a big difference. Keep reading to learn five more reasons why personal security guards are needed to protect your building.

1. A Personal Security Guard Can React Quickly to Problems

When an incident occurs, having a security guard on the premises is incredibly helpful. Many security guards are former police officers. They’re already trained to handle intense situations.
They can ensure everyone stays safe until the police, paramedics, and/or firefighters arrive to handle the situation.
Your tenants are also aware of how quickly a security guard can react. That’s a bonus selling point for you.
Now your residents know they can feel safe in your apartment building 24/7 because you hired someone to ensure their safety. Even just having a security guard posted in the parking lot is a selling point.
Many people feel better knowing their vehicles are safe from theft and damage. Also, if tenants work late hours, they’ll feel safer knowing they can get from their car to their apartment safely.

2. Security Guards Can Locate and Prevent Potential Hazards and Risks

Since personal security guards are in uniform, they are often mistaken for police. Most people are less likely to cause problems if they feel there’s a police officer in close proximity.
Hiring security guards is also smart because they can often spot potential problems before they become a liability. Often, they can even fix the issue themselves.
Having an extra pair of eyes in your building looking for potential hazards or safety issues is a great way to save money while keeping your building and tenants safe.
Not only that, but they can help you educate your tenants on safety policies and procedures so that if something arises, all tenants remain safe.

3. Hiring Security Guards Means Domestic Issues Are Handled Quickly

Unfortunately, most crimes that occur happen closer to home than any of us want to admit. Domestic violence is more common than many people realize.
24 people per minute become victims of domestic abuse. As a result, most of the crimes reported in your building will be related to domestic violence.
When you hire a security guard they can instantly respond to these issues. Not only will that help the victims but you’ll be protecting your own property from serious damage and possible threats.
A highly trained security guard knows how to properly handle these situations. They also can provide evidence, if necessary.
Also, other tenants who might hear the domestic abuse happening may be too afraid to do try to stop it from happening. If it happens often, it causes additional stress to neighbors.
Having someone in the building to can handle these problems make not only the victims feel safer, but all of your tenants.

4. They Make Great Eye Witnesses

When a crime happens, having a security guard nearby means they can report everything they witnessed.
And that’s great because not everything a security guard witnesses are related to violence. Even having a security guard on hand to notice which dog owners don’t clean up after their pets is handy.
But if a break-in occurs, a security guard will be the one who notices who left the building afterward. Security guards make very credible witnesses as well.
Having one posted in your building means crimes that do happen have a better chance of being solved quickly. It also makes your building a place that’s safer and less likely to be the target of crimes.
Also, many witnesses lie or withhold information out of fear or trauma. Security guards are trained to think clearly in a crisis and are less likely to be intimidated by a criminal into not speaking up.

5. Hire a Security Guard to Prevent Vandalism

Personal security guards are great for preventing vandalism. Acts of vandalism cost a business an average of $3,370 for just one single incident.
Acts of vandalism also may affect your insurance rates if there are too many. Then there’s the cost of losing tenants due to too many acts of vandalism.
And then there’s the time, cost, and effort it takes to repair whatever what vandalized. While a few coats of paint might not amount to much, broken glass and other broken objects could injure your tenants and cost you more.
With a security guard patrolling around, acts of vandalism are likely to stop fairly quickly. It usually takes a little while to commit the act, which makes it easier for your security guard to catch someone in the act.

Hire a Personal Security Guard Today

Hiring a personal security guard for your building is really a win/win situation. You know you always have someone reliable on hand to help you oversee your property and keep it and everyone who resides there safe.
Having a security guard on your premises adds a lot of additional value to your property.
But it’s really important to hire guards who are properly trained. That’s where we come in. We are dedicated to helping you keep your tenants and your building safe. We have over 80 years of experience in this industry.
With our flexible security and safety services, you can find exactly what you need. Click here to learn about our residential security services.

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