5 Residential Apartment Building Safety Tips Property Managers Should Know

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5 Residential Apartment Building Safety Tips Property Managers Should Know

Security concerns in residential apartments are on the rise. Cases of burglaries and home invasions are some of the issues that a property OPS Security Group - Security Guards - Dispensary Securitymanager should address. Lack of security in an apartment can render the investment desolate.
When it comes to staying safe, it’s wise to trust the experts. Here are five apartment building safety tips property managers should know.

1. Vet Tenants With Background Checks

Safety starts with who you let occupy your building. Before anyone signs a lease, you should execute a thorough background check on all tenants.
Background checks should be completed by a reputable security agency. Whereas some background check services only utilize just one database to pull information on applicants, a reputable security firm will cross-references through multiple databases for far better accuracy in investigating and validating backgrounds.
Background checks will help you:

  • Keep your tenants safe – avoid the potential for bringing illegal or dangerous activity within your property and keep tenants safe with information on the candidate’s past criminal record.
  • Avoid prejudices – prospective tenants benefit from knowing that their credentials will be vetted by a trustworthy, professional source that respects their right to be treated seriously and to be considered without prejudice. Verifying criminal history through separate databases helps mitigate your potential liability.

Vetting should be a regular process. It limits security threats. Your tenants will feel safer knowing that the management will address potential risks.

2. Implement Security Cameras & Virtual Concierge Services

Security cameras will enable you to track all activities within your apartment. The placement of security cameras determines the effectiveness of the technology.  Virtual concierge services can help reinforce your security system with 24/7 virtual surveillance.
Virtual concierge services keep your tenants and residents safe and secure by prohibiting non- authorized individuals from fishing for entry. With the virtual concierge, buildings do not need to put personal names on call boxes, so tenant and resident information remains secure.

3. Install Good Lighting

Bad lighting can negate the effectiveness of security measures like security cameras and security gards.
Sufficient lighting in hallways, parking lots, laundry rooms, sidewalks, and mailboxes can enhance safety in an apartment. It is easier to recognize strangers even in the wee hours of the night. You can consider solar-powered lights and have them on through the night.
Conversely, you can consider motion sensor lighting. The lights turn on when there’s movement. Such lighting will reduce the cost of power significantly.
Installing lights that have timers is another excellent way of ensuring optimal personal safety. With the timers, tenants don’t have to worry about turning the lights on or off. You will find the timers particularly useful when a house is vacant or when your tenants are away for vacation.

4. Stay Safe with Fire Watch

Fire detection systems are critical in keeping residents safe. If your fire detection system is down, your residents and building are at a major risk.
Fire watch helps make sure your tenants are safe when the building fire detection system is offline or malfunctioning. It ensures your building remains in compliance with fire regulations.
Fire watch officers patrol all parts of the property while the system isn’t working correctly, is in testing mode, or is powered down.

5. Resolve Resident Complaints

When residents have unresolved complaints, safety becomes a major concern. It is crucial to strategize on workable conflict resolution. Failure to address complaints as they surface leads to more complex issues.
For a start, have a central system to track suggestions and complaints. Automation can help in this process. Tenants should be able to reach the management at any time.
Tenants can highlight areas that need extra security. They might require the intervention of the management to make personal safety plausible. If you’re unable to respond to resident’s complaints, safety in your residential apartments will remain elusive.

Personal Safety in Residential Apartments Is a Concern for Tenants and Property Managers

Property managers have a considerable role to play in maintaining safety of its tenants. Security encompasses a variety of issues.
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