6 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Security Guard for Front Desk Concierge

The decision to hire a security guard for your front desk is rarely an easy one. Many managers are concerned that the presence of a guard will create a negative stigma about the safety of the property. There is usually also some question as to whether the need is strong enough to warrant the extra expense.
It’s important to recognize that failing to make this decision when the time is right can have serious consequences. The following six signs are clear indicators that it’s time for you to hire extra security to keep an eye on your property.
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1. The Building Has a Lot of Traffic

In buildings with high traffic flow, a front desk security guard can monitor the coming and going of residents and guests. They can check IDs and issue ID tags or guest passes. The mere presence of a uniformed professional is often enough to deter criminal activities as those looking for trouble find it easier to just move on to the next location.
As long as you hire a security guard who is courteous, residents are likely to view the addition of security as a benefit. They’ll appreciate that you are looking out for their safety and taking steps to protect them and their guests.

2. You’re Concerned About Potential Liability

If you’ve made claims on your worker’s compensation or general liability insurance, your insurance company may require you to implement a correction plan. This is often a good time to hire a security guard.
In some cases, this move will reduce your ongoing insurance premiums.
Security guards can further reduce liability by monitoring your video surveillance system and stopping potential issues before they become a problem.

3. Your Record-Keeping Needs Improvement

Security guards are usually tasked with maintaining records about the day-to-day functioning of the building. This may include noting broken equipment, malfunctioning door locks, or suspicious employee behavior. Without someone in this position, you could miss important information that may prevent crime.
If there’s an incident or injury on the property, good records can save you from potential liability problems.

4. You’ve Noticed Safety Issues

If you’ve started to notice safety issues, it’s time to hire a security guard. By the time one or two safety problems come to light, there are usually many more that haven’t yet caught your attention.
Professional security guards know how to recognize unsafe situations and can stop them before the damage is done. This is a case where proactive action is worth every penny.
Bad news spreads like wildfire, and it only takes one incident to give your building a bad reputation.

5. Your Staff is Stretched Too Thin

Non-security staff members are usually ill-equipped to properly handle security issues. Asking them to do so distracts them from the job you hired them for.
When the idea of a stretch role goes too far, it results in problems like behavior changes, customer complaints, and a loss of productivity.
Even if you already have a few security guards on premises, it’s too difficult for them to try to be everywhere at once.
Assigning one guard exclusively to the front desk can greatly improve safety and allow other guards to be more productive.

6. You Need Help for Emergencies

In an emergency situation, a professionally-trained neutral third party can keep a clear head and calmly address the problem. They’re prepared to handle medical emergencies, physical altercations, and criminal situations.
A security guard on premises gives residents someone to call if they notice a problem. You’ll avoid the lag time that comes with calling the police, keep your residents safer, and create a sense of comfort and security.

Professional Security Guards Improve Property Value

Improving the safety of your property is almost always worth the cost. Crime-free buildings have a higher value and sell faster than those in questionable locations.
Highly-valued property known for its safety is more likely to attract reliable renters. You can generally charge higher rent and use the added security as a selling point.

How to Hire a Security Guard

A good front desk security guard makes residents feel welcome. At OPS Security Group, we train our guards to take a hospitality-first approach and behave in a way that will make a good impression.
Our front desk guards provide concierge services such as carrying in groceries, signing for packages, and managing pre-authorized guests like housekeepers and dog-walkers.
Here are a few more traits to look for when interviewing potential security providers.


Find out how long the security company you are considering has been in business. Are they locally owned? What is their reputation around town?
Check out online review sites and take a look at their Facebook and Twitter pages.
Ask for references and check the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


Security needs vary, so you want to find a provider who is willing to accommodate your specific requests. Make sure they will work according to your scheduling needs and inquire as to how they handle weekends, holidays, and overnight hours.

Licensing and Insurance

When you hire security staff to protect your residents, make sure they are properly licensed and insured. Failing to do so can create additional liability, making matters worse instead of improving them.

Training and Credentials

Find out how the company trains their employees and whether they have official certifications and credentials.
Some of the most valuable certifications to look for include:

  • Certified evacuation coordinator
  • Emergency response planner
  • Management of aggressive behavior certification
  • First aid and CPR certification

Although credentials aren’t completely necessary, it shows that the guards are qualified and prepared to handle a variety of emergency situations.

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