6 Smart Security Solutions for an Office Building

As the property manager of an office building, it’s important to consider security measures to prevent theft by criminals or opportunists. It’s not only people on the outside to be wary of. Employee theft represents 7 percent of a business’ gross revenue. Freddie Wehbe described this as “Corporate America’s Dirty Little Secret.”
Tenants in an office building want to make sure their assets are protected from exterior and interior threats. And they’re often willing to pay for it.
The case for better office security is a strong one with benefits including:

  • Increasing rental values
  • Increasing property value
  • Attracting high-quality tenants

Read on to learn about 8 smart security solutions for an office building.
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1. Professional Security Guards and Concierge Services

An office building has many people leaving and arriving during the day. High foot traffic from employees, visitors, delivery people, vendors, and so on mean that proper security measures are important. Office building security services providers must be more than alert, they should have specific processes for dealing with visitors and various situations.
On-site security professionals can provide:

  • Foot patrols of building and surrounding areas
  • Parking lot inspection
  • Visitor pass administration
  • Security ID administration
  • Camera monitoring
  • Terminated employee escort services

At the same time as deterring, detecting and responding to crime, a concierge service creates an air of quality and service.

2. Fire Watch

Automatic fire detection systems and smoke detectors are important staples of all buildings. But they’re not enough, especially in high-population buildings. If the fire detection system goes down, your building and its occupants are at risk.
Fire watch is an important security service for corporate office buildings. And fire watch is not something that can be handled by any security guard.
Many states require one dedicated fire watch official for every five floors of a building. Dedicated fire watch security personnel will keep your building safer in the event of system failures.
Fire watch patrols can check where smoke detectors don’t go and identify risks as well as actual fire outbreaks.

3. Remote Security and Virtual Concierge Service

Technology has transformed the security solutions business. Video surveillance of your property is now available, providing 24/7 cover.
Virtual concierge services mean security staff operating from a remote control center can watch your site. Using audio and video monitoring equipment, they can be virtually there in your building. Virtual concierge keeps tenants safe by prohibiting non-authorized individuals from fishing for entries.
The remote security personnel can call police, fire or maintenance services as required. This highly sophisticated service can be provided very cost-effectively. Virtual concierge services can be blended into your on-site services. For example, night time virtual concierge services are a good supplement to your daily front-desk concierge.

4. Security Survey and Risk Assessment

A security survey and risk assessment is a good starting point if you are re-evaluating or considering changing security companies. A professional security survey and risk assessment will identify any weaknesses in your current security arrangements. It will also identify ways of mitigating these risks.
An assessment is a lower-cost way to determine your needs and create a clearer big-picture plan. It will help you weigh  potential losses, impact on insurance premiums, or return from increased revenues.
Have a security survey conducted by a trained security professional. Use a recognized methodology such as the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design approach.
Here is what a security company will look for in your security plan.

5. Physical Security Measures

Putting the right physical security measures in place are important components of a Some of the most common tactics are physical security measures. These include video surveillance cameras, alarms, and ID badges. These may seem the obvious security solutions.
The crucial issue here is that your physical security assets target real risks your property faces. The implementation must be effective. Many great ideas fail in the execution.
We have all seen security cameras that are pointing at nothing in particular. We’ve heard alarms that blare away, unanswered. We’ve seen ID badge policies ignored by employees.
Make the investment work for you by basing it on a security assessment. Using security experts to advise on implementation will also help. Don’t waste the investment.

6. Security Training for Tenants and Team Members

Your security services team will certainly be trained to handle a variety of threats and scenarios. Be sure to ask about training before you hire a security services team.
But security is everybody’s concern. Security guards aren’t the only ones who should be trained on security best practices.
As the property manager, partner with your security agency to provide introductory level security training that will benefit your tenants and your property.
Training events for tenants employees encourage good habits. They help them know what to do in security situations and build confidence in security solutions. Training might cover:

  • Proper sign in and sign out protocol for the building
  • Fire safety
  • Active shooter situations
  • Employee termination escort services

Tenants are an important part of this training. But also be sure to involve and inform building maintenance staff, janitorial staff, and others with regular access to the building.

Security Solutions Can Increase Your Office Building’s Value

Security measures can add value to your commercial property.  Balance the cost to reputation and long-term value of crime with security investments.
Take advice from security professionals. Conduct a security risk assessment. Plan for a secure future.
To learn more about security solutions click here.
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