7 Common Building Security Mistakes to Absolutely Avoid

You’ve noticed that things have been going missing from your back room lately. Upon inspecting the cameras, you see that when a particular employee leaves the door propped open while they gather up the trash in the back. Another person slips in while they aren’t paying attention, grabs something, and hurries out.
The simple solution you have now is to inform the employee that this is happening and tell them to stop leaving the door propped open. If they’d been trained on security measures beforehand, however, you wouldn’t have lost any merchandise at all.
Leaving a door open isn’t the only security issue that pops up in establishments. Keep reading to see a complete list of all the building security mistakes that you should be avoiding.
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1. Not Checking Everyone’s ID

You shouldn’t have an ID system in place if you’re not going to implement it. You need to make it clear that no employee makes it into the building without flashing their badge. It can be tempting for an employee to let someone in higher management through without looking at their badge.
If one person is let through, however, everyone will expect the same. If everyone can get through without showing their ID, then the system isn’t being implemented. That means anyone can sneak their way into the building and you wasted a lot of time, money and plastic.

2. Not Securing Every Entry Point

Most buildings have more entrances and exits besides the front and back door. Many companies put so much protection on these two doors that they forget the small ones such as their emergency exits. This is a huge mistake.
Anyone can sneak in and out of these unprotected doors and steal something. If you don’t have cameras at these doors, then you won’t be able to get a good look at their face. The police won’t have anything to go on and so you’ll be out of merchandise.

3. Focusing More on Aesthetics Than Security

Having an attractive building is important. It brings in customers, and employees like to work in buildings that are sleek and clean. The problem arises when you put so much work into how the building looks that you forget about security.
We understand that cameras can be strange and bulky. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use them. Again, they need to be placed at all entrances and in the lobby, even if that means said entrance doesn’t look as pretty as it once did after the installation.

4. Overly Complicated Security Systems

If you have a security system in place that nobody can use, then there is no point in having it. You need to make sure that your security personnel is trained in being able to use whatever system you have. If you don’t, then, it will won’t be used to its full potential.
When it’s not being used to its full potential, then your building remains unprotected, and you’re out the huge financial investment that came with getting the security system installed.

5. Not Securing Important Rooms

Rather you know it or not there are some places in your building that need a little more security than others. For example, if you have a computer room with a lot of sensitive data or an office where all of your employee’s information is stored. Many companies make the mistake of not putting extra security into these rooms.
This can result in a data breach if someone manages to slip through one of your building entrances. A data breach can be devastating to any company.
It’s hard to come back from it. It can be worth it to install an extra camera or two in your computer room.

6. There Is Such a Thing as Too Much Security

When installing your security cameras, you should always get the input of a professional security company. They will be able to tell you exactly where you need cameras and how many you need.
It’s easy to overdo it when you’re installing them yourself. These extras that you put in aren’t being helpful; they are just redundant.
So while you need your building to be secure, be careful about putting in too many. One entrance doesn’t need five cameras to itself.

7. Not Training Employees

Going back to our example, in the beginning, all of your employees need to be trained on security measures. Humans aren’t perfect.
They think they are being helpful by giving their co-worker their keys so they can get in the building for work early the next morning. Until the keys and the employee never show up.
They may think that nobody would ever look under the keyboard, so they stuff a confidential password under it. Chances are, someone watched them do it. Again, propping the door open for .5 seconds while they get the trash ready can result in someone slipping in.
These are all asking for a security breach to happen. It can be avoided, however, by simply running security drills and giving them a checklist of security do’s and don’ts.

Building Security Mistakes You Should Be Avoiding

All it takes is a few seconds for a security breach to happen. Once data gets in the wrong hands or something of significant value gets stolen, it can be hard for your company to come back from it. This is why it’s so important that you take your security seriously by avoiding these building security mistakes.
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