Top 9 Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring a Security Guard Company

In this modern world, companies need to make sure their offices are secure. Of course, there are big threats like active shooters. But day to day threats like hostile work environments, robbery, and inter-company crime are also a concern.
A reliable security contractor can keep your offices safe and secure. And if your company is hiring a security contractor, you need to do your due diligence.
There are plenty of security contractors out there and finding one that meets the needs of your company can be difficult. You need to ask the right questions when interviewing these contractors to make sure that they can provide the services you need and are reliable.
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In this article, we’ll go over the 9 essential questions you should ask when hiring security guards.

1. “Is Your Company Properly Licensed?”

When it comes to hiring a security contractor, you need to make sure that they are properly licensed.
Each state and local district has its own regulations and rules regarding the operation of security contractors. Some locations require certain certifications and licenses from security contractors to make sure that they are legitimate and can provide the services they promise.
Make sure that the contractor you are interviewing knows these regulations and rules and has the paperwork to prove they are licensed.

2. “Does Your Company Have Insurance?”

Being a security guard is naturally a dangerous job based on the responsibilities they have. They have to deal with potentially deadly situations at times, and the potential for injury or death is high. If the security guard company you hire doesn’t have insurance, your company could be footing the bill for any medical bills or other expenses that arise from an injury or death of a guard.
Make sure that the security company you hire has adequate insurance to cover instances like this. If your company operates under hazardous or dangerous conditions, making sure the contractor has insurance to cover any potential incidents can save you a big bill and a major headache.

3. “Are Your Guards Individually Licensed?”

Making sure that a contractor’s guards are individually licensed is a great way to make sure you get the performance you’re looking for. Many local districts and states require that both the contractor and the guards are licensed. This ensures that they are trained to handle dangerous situations.
If a potential contractor does not have licensed guards, this should be a red flag. Be sure to do more research about the requisite training and experience of the guards. This will help you get a better idea of the professionalism of the contractor. It will also help you figure out what services they can provide.

4. “How Are Guards Managed and Supervised?”

You don’t need more work managing employees. And you don’t have the security expertise.
The security guard company should manage the security guards they place on-site at your facility. If guards lack on-site supervision and management, there is no system of accountability or responsibility.
Making sure that the guards are accountable to an on-site supervisor or receive supervision through daily check-ins is important. It ensures that you get the service you need and that your guards are managed the right way.

5. “Has Your Company Been Involved In Any Security Negligence Litigation?”

One of the most important steps in hiring a security contractor is checking their performance history. If the contractor has been involved in any security negligence litigation or involved in any other legal proceedings related to their work, you should know about it.
Just because a contractor has been involved in legal matters doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t hire them. Just make sure to do the proper research about their legal cases so you can get a complete picture of the problem.

6. “What Kind of Training Do Your Guards Receive?”

Security guards receive specialized training that allows them to properly handle dangerous or disruptive situations. Getting a better idea of the training these security guards receive will help you determine whether or not they are right for your company.
If your company has specific security concerns like active shooters or terrorist attacks, you should review the contractor’s credentials and the training their guards have. Making sure they can adequately protect you from these threats is an important step in hiring a proficient security contractor.

7. “Are They Customer-Oriented?”

At the end of the day, security guards at your company won’t just be protecting you from threats. They will be directing co-workers, assisting guests in finding what they need. They will also be greeting any visitors to your business.
Making sure that the security guards you hire are customer-oriented will help you prevent any misunderstandings and disasters with your clients.

8. “What Are Your Uniform Standards?”

When it comes to hiring security guards, you want to make sure that act the part and look the part as well. A great security guard is useless if they don’t project a professional appearance. Your security team should be able to either stand out or blend in depending on the situation.
Ask potential contractors about their uniform standards. If they only have one uniform available, then you should probably go with a different contractor. Contractors with multiple uniform options recognize the importance of a neat appearance and matching their appearance to the needs of the client.

9. “What Is Your Main Focus or Specialty?”

Different companies have different security needs. Figuring out the focus or specialty of a security contractor is a great way to see if they’ll be a good fit.
For example, if your company deals with frequent trespassing, hiring a security contractor that focuses on perimeter security would be more effective. You should hire the contractor that is the best prepared to serve your company. That means hiring a contractor that can handle the specific issues your company deals with.

Hiring Security Guards: Hire A Capable, Flexible Team

Hiring security guards that are capable and flexible enough to handle any situation thrown their way is important. Make sure to ask the questions in this article and research the training, licenses, and specialties of the contractor you are hiring.
If you have any more questions about hiring a security team or dealing with security threats, please visit our blog.

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