Act 235 Pennsylvania Lethal Weapons Training at OPS Academy

About the Course

OPS Security Group offers a 5-day, 40-hour training course including classroom instruction and range training. The course can also be taken without the range training.

Recertification is offered as an 8-hour training course with classroom and range instruction.

Steps in Act 235 Certification Process

  1. Obtain an Act 235 application from your local Pennsylvania State Police Department or by visiting
  2. Complete an online application at Print and take your receipt to the nearest Cogent Fingerprint location to be fingerprinted.
  3. Download and print the physical examination and psychological examination forms. You must undergo a physical and psychological examination at your own expense with a PA licensed physician. The physicians must submit completed and signed forms to the Lethal Weapons Certification Unit, this cannot be submitted by you and must be mailed within 15 days of the examination.
  4. Upon receipt of official notification you have been approved, you may sign up for your ACT 235 training with OPS Security Group by clicking the “Register Now” button below. We will require a copy of your approval letter.

Notice regarding Driver’s License: If you do not possess a valid PA driver’s license or are an out-of-state applicant you must, in addition to the steps above, submit two passport size photos to the Lethal Weapons Certification Unit.

Correspondence will be sent to the address you provided notifying you of the status of your application and providing instructions for further action.

Training Course Options

Act 235 Basic Course (“F” Card) – 40 hours, includes range fees and firearm rental – $325

Act 235 Academic and Skills (non-firearm, “L” Card) – $250

Act 235 Recertification – $120

Contact us for Law Enforcement and Military/Veteran discounts

Fee Breakdown from PA State Police

Application Fee – Paid to Cogent – $50

FBI Fingerprint Fee – Paid to Cogent – $27.50

Certification Fee – Paid to Commonwealth of PA – $30

Have any questions before registering for a training course with OPS Security Group? Please submit your information in the contact form below!