Baltimore Security Companies: 5 Qualifications to Look For

baltimore security companies

Hiring a security company is no small task.
No matter the kind of protection you're looking for, the right team will make all the difference in case something goes wrong. This could be in terms of large crowds or high-priority individuals and products.
Either way, you need to know someone has your back. But, of all the Baltimore security companies, how do you know which one to choose?
Always narrow down your options by checking a company's qualifications. Here are five things every reputable security team will have.
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1. Proper Education and Credentials

The ability to perform well in the field begins with having the right preparations.
Take a look at the credentials of the Baltimore security companies you are considering. This is the best way to weed out the professional, trustworthy services from the amateurs.
Professionals will have gone through the required steps it takes to provide top-level security. This begins with education and grows with experience.
You can get an understanding of a security company's experience by looking into two different categories: training and organizational involvement.

Employee Training

Always ask a Baltimore security company about the kind of training their employees go through.
This should be an extensive process. You can't expect a security team to share all their secrets, but they should have certifications and titles to show for their training.
Some examples of these include:

  • SORA Certification
  • Act 235 Certified
  • Emergency Response Coordinator Certification
  • Evacuation Coordinator Certification
  • Combat Lifesaver Certification
  • RAMP Certification
  • Hazardous Materials Response

Not every employee will have all of the above under their belt. But, you should be confident the team you hire has a combined mix of a good number of these credentials.

Industry Involvement

Credentials are what one receives after completing special training.
Involvement with boards and industry organizations are what set the top Baltimore security companies apart from the rest.
Some organizations to look for are:

  • American Society for Industrial Security
  • International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety
  • National Council of Investigation & Security Services

Credentials and organizations will often be mentioned in the introduction section of a security company's website.
If you're having trouble finding these, chances are, a company is lacking them. This is a sign to move on to your other options.

2. A Wide Range of Services

After checking for certain credentials, see if a security company offers the services you are looking for.
Some teams will only offer a specific set of options. Others will be well-versed in everything from private investigations to protecting large crowds and event spaces.
The following are some examples of different security services Baltimore security companies may offer.

Site Security

Site security is tailored to serve a specific location. This is a team who is trained to protect a residential area, a corporate location, a hospital, or an educational institution.
Each setting has its own unique needs.
As such, a security company that focuses on residential protection may not be suited to protect your business's new office. Keep your search going until you find a security company who has worked in your kind of environment before.

Event Security

Event security is what you would expect it to be - protection for a large event.
This could be a concert, a trade show, or even a political rally. Whatever the reason you are drawing a large crowd, be sure you have the protection in place to keep them safe.
A Baltimore security company can help you out.

Armed Security

Armed security is ideal for any high-priority situation.
This could be property management, product transportation, or securing an important client or internal team member.
Whatever the need, you can never be too safe. Armed protection ensures you are prepared for any risk.

Executive Protection

Not all armed security teams are trained in executive-level security.
To be sure your person of interest is in good hand, check for executive protection services.
These are bodyguards who are trained to offer safety without getting in the way of a person's operations. They will be in the shadows when necessary and ready to act in the event of an emergency.

3. Course Offerings

A wide range of services is a sign your search for security is headed in the right direction.
An even better sign, though, is when a security company offers safety courses.
Safety courses aren't given out by just anyone. To administer training and certificates takes a high level of expertise and experience in a certain realm of security.
When a company can say they offer such educational opportunities, they are also saying they are fit to handle your security needs.

4. Strong Testimonials

Beyond what a security company says they can offer, it's a good idea to see what past clients have to say.
This is your chance to get a better understanding of the promise versus the delivery.
Testimonials make your expectations of Baltimore security companies more realistic. They are your inside look at how a security team communicates with clients, organizes themselves, and gets the job done.

5. A Plan of Action

Speaking of getting the job done, make sure your top choices have a plan of action.
Talk to them about how they approach sensitive security situations.
This goes for large event planning as well as the daily duties of a bodyguard.
Whatever you need a security team for, the plan of action ensures you get what you're looking for.
Always bring this up in your security consultation. Not every team's plan of action will be the same, which can help you make a decision once you've contacted a few companies.

Take Your Pick of Baltimore Security Companies

Protecting your team, event, products, or top personnel should not be a stressful situation.
Ease your worries with the help of a qualified security company.
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