Ensure Your Security Agency Makes the Right First Impression

Confident. Reassuring. Diligent. Professional. Are these the terms that come to mind when you enter a high-rise building and encounter the physical presence situated behind the security desk? If not, what are they doing wrong? What kind of impression do they leave your tenants, residents, and guests? What message are they sending to those that enter with the intent of causing harm?

Hiring a security provider and tasking them with the primary responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of your employees, visitors, and the building while embodying your brand and mission with a customer service approach is something most likely not found with the
lowest bidder.

The staff should be more than a “part time seat filler”, retaining the services of a security provider who believes not only in their product, but in the value of employing, and empowering, full time staff with the tools, training, and benefits can provide an immeasurable level of oversight and reassurance when it is needed most.

It might be time to reassess the price and value of your security staff and add up the cost of tenant turnover, medical and, regrettably, death benefits for inept, unprofessional, and untrained security staff.

Are you in the positive or the negative when looking at the total cost of your security? How about the cost in lost employee productivity when they are distracted by concerns over their own safety and the confidence they place in the effectiveness of the building security to stop or deter a threat? Is this a cost you can recover?

Diligent hiring, effective training, positive oversight, are all pertinent parts of a foundation of professional security. A foundation that any security provider should have in place before a client tasks them with the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of their facility. If these pieces are not in place, the obvious will become apparent, not only to you the client, but to the potential criminal element who recognizes the deficiencies and is already plotting how to effectively, and maliciously, circumvent your system and impose their will on your employees, guests, and property.

Security should be vigilant, yet professional. Intelligent yet inquisitive. Attentive yet welcoming. If you recognize that this is not already in place, perhaps it’s time to find a provider who can deliver what you require.

If you are not sure if your security team has what it takes to provide the highest level of service, feel free to contact me at dan@opssecuritygroup.wpcomstaging.com or at 888.406.6661.

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