Dispensary Protection: Your Guide to a Good Cannabis Warehouse Security Plan

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Dispensary Protection: Your Guide to a Good Cannabis Warehouse Security Plan

The business of growing marijuana legally is growing exponentially.
Cannabis dispensaries have become highly profitable – the revenue they bring in can make dispensaries of cannabis a prime target for thieves. Because of this, dispensaries need to make sure they have plans in place for security to protect the items they have on sale.
These types of cannabis security plans are also efficient for protecting any money that is held on-site, plus any staff. Having a scalable security plan should not be undermined, as marijuana dispensaries are always in the spotlight.
Security practices for marijuana dispensaries are also monitored heavily, especially in comparison to other businesses.
The combination of the watchful eye on the marijuana industry, as well as the security of these products, means that having a full proof security plan is more than a necessity.
OPS Security Group - Security Services - Dispensary Security

Security Regulations For Dispensaries

You can begin your security plan by making sure you’re familiar with the regulations that are in place for these types of businesses.
While they can vary from business to business, the most important thing is that they are indeed part of your security plan.
The use of possession of cannabis is illegal by other stipulations of federal law. However, the regulation of cannabis is handled state by state.
As part of the regulations, many states require certain rules to be followed in terms of video surveillance. This means that cameras may have to have a certain resolution and/or frames per second.
Other rules can include them being used all around the clock and having photos stored for no less than 90 days, if not more.
The state that you live in may also need you to make sure entrances are secured. This will make sure there is no unauthorized access.
You’ll have to research the laws that you need to follow and see what level of security you are required to adhere to, depending on your state.

Security Practices

As mentioned above, the state by state jurisdiction will determine what requirements you need to follow for your dispensary. However, there are some practices that should always put into action, regardless of the requirements needed.

Guards That Dissuade Criminals But Don’t Deter Customers

Physical security guards offer a presence that deters would-be criminals at dispensaries. Whether keeping internal theft in check or facing external threats, guards offer a second pair of eyes.
It’s important that guards become a part of your overall brand and don’t scare off good customers.
This can be achieved through their position or placement on site, their uniforms and also their demeanor in how they interact with customers.
The best guards can intimidate offenders off the premises while also making customers feel welcomed and safe.

Control Of Access

Some of the most important parts of your security plan include the control of access to your dispensary. There are many states that will need you to have a system for this in place.
Controlling access to the dispensary will mean that certain people will (or will not) be allowed access to your facility.
The systems can track the enter and exit of people by noting credentials, whilst also providing protection when the dispensary is not open.
Using these control access plans can also control access to certain parts of dispensaries, for example, a warehouse where surplus products are kept.

Additional Locks On Storage

The whole of your dispensary will need more locks to keep storage safe. For example, Canadian dispensaries are required by law to store any cannabis that is not on show in the storage room that is locked and has access controlled.

Video Surveillance

Surveillance is legally required for the majority of marijuana dispensaries.
While putting together your security plan for dispensary, you need to make sure that you pick the right option for monitoring. This means going for the best quality video within your budget and a system that also can record sound.
Not only will this give you the means to stay in line with regulations, but it will also deter thieves from attempting to enter.
Monitoring remotely is very important. Controlling access to a dispensary alongside the efforts of surveillance will give you a tighter reign on security and plenty of logs and reports accompanied by visuals.


Whilst controlling access and having surveillance will do wonders for your dispensary, an intrusion alarm is great for making sure you are aware of unauthorized entry when you are not available.
Having personnel at your dispensary 24/7 is fairly unlikely. These kinds of alarm systems will notify yourself and the authorities if someone is trying to break in.

Background Checks

One of the biggest ways marijuana dispensaries lose money is due to employee theft. Before employing anyone to work in your dispensary, you should make sure you’ve done thorough checks for potential candidates.
This is very important in many industries, but especially in one such as marijuana sales. This is primarily because the sale of cannabis was illegal until recently.
Doing a background check can help to mitigate risk and stop someone that has nefarious intentions getting access to your inventory.

Appropriate Transportation

As the marijuana industry continues to expand, so will revenue alongside it. Inventory and money that are transported to and from dispensaries need to be protected adequately.
Armored transport is a very important part of running a dispensary. The transport that delivers inventory and cash is known as marijuana vans.
In order to protect your business, you should use a cannabis security company that is well established to run your operations. You should think about different factors when picking this company.
Among the top of these factors, you should consider the budget, as well as the amount of security that you think is appropriate. More importantly, how good the services are should be prioritized over the cost of them.
Having enough security will not only predict your inventory and revenue but will also help to keep your staff safe. You should do thorough research on all security companies that are available and go for providers that have plenty of experience in helping make dispensaries secure.
To help you make the correct decision, you should look at testimonials and reviews from both current and past customers. You can also use the recommendation of those in the security industry and other business owners of cannabis dispensaries.

Cannabis Security – Maximizing Safety In Your Dispensary

Business owners that are running a cannabis dispensary are a big target for various types of criminals. The revenue they generate is not only sizeable but often in the form of physical cash.
This reason alone makes it a necessity to invest in the best combination of cannabis security to keep your business safe. This will prevent your products, revenue, and staff from being targeted by criminals.
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