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Career Advancement Opportunities

Career Advancement

Advance Your Security Career

Professional Development Programs To Empower the Next Generation of Leaders

We know that wages alone won’t solve our client’s problems. We need to pay the right wages to the right people, and train them well.

At OPS we value being people first. One of the ways we have chosen to exemplify this value is to always promote from within wherever possible.  As OPS continues to grow we realize that we will have increasingly more leadership roles to fill. To serve both our employees and customers, while staying true to our beliefs of being people first and servant leadership, we created a leadership development program that accepts 4-5 supervisors/managers per year. This year-long program takes each cohort through a wide range of courses and materials, challenging them to live in and work through challenges to be the kind of leaders that lead from the front and do so with understanding and compassion.

We are proud to have a 70% retention rate

In an industry with very high turnover (typically 70-120%). It’s not uncommon to find field and headquarters staff that have been with us for over five years. We always look within before hiring from the outside.

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Training Courses

OPS Security is dedicated to helping advance our staffs careers and provide in house training to staff and security agents.

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Employee Roadmap

OPS Security provides a structured career path highlighting necesary steps and qualifications required in order to obtain promotions.

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