Security Training Courses at OPS Academy

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We Protect the Best, We Train the Best

OPS Security Group understands the importance and necessity of providing quality, top-tier training to all segments of the security industry.

As a regional company, OPS Security Group provides numerous training courses in their easily-accessible South Philadelphia office and off-site as well. These courses provide the level of training and certifications a security officer requires, and the level which security providers need, to effectively carry out and complete assigned duties in accordance with state requirements and client-specific needs.

The following security training courses are currently being offered by OPS Security Group, all of which can be conducted at the worksite of a client, allowing for easier completion by staff and oversight by the security client


(Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training) 

Initial Certification: 4 hours


(Practical and Tactical Handcuffing) 

Initial Certification: 4 hours


(Personal Protection Baton Tactics) 

Initial Certification: 4 hours


We offer a discounted 3 course package for these courses:

12 hours

CPR/AED/First Aid

Initial Certification: 6 hours

Renewal: 3 hours

MOAB 1 & 2

Levels I & II (Management of Aggressive Behavior) 

Level I: 3 hours

Level II: 6 hours

Active Shooter Response

Seminar: 4 hours

Response Training: 8 hours

Bike Patrol

Initial Certification: 10 hours

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