How a Certified Property Manager Can Sell Security to Your Board or CEO

If you’re trying to get security for your residential or commercial property but are having a difficult time convincing the board or CEO to spend the budget on it, you’re not alone.
The board may believe that any sort of security is just an illusion. Or perhaps they see security guards as a burden on their expenses and time.
Yet, according to the FBI, in 2015 there were around 8 million property crimes in the United States. That is a big risk you can’t afford to take, especially not with tenants who can leave at any time if they don’t feel safe.
What’s the solution? A certified property manager (CPM) can convince stakeholders that any property they own needs security.
Keep reading to discover how you can make it happen.

A Certified Property Manager Can Explain How Property Crime Is Not a Myth

Many people believe that the presence of security at a commercial or residential property is a mere formality. They may think it’s there just to give residents peace of mind or to put businesses at ease. To them, it’s a wasted expense.
However, property crime is not a myth. A CPM understands this. They can take time to explain to those in charge of security expenses that these crimes can occur on your property without the proper protection.
Which crimes are most common?
Property crimes can include anything from petty theft and vandalization to felonies like violence, armed robbery, and arson. These crimes can result in injuries and property damage.
However, they could also lead to complete destruction of buildings and even the death of tenants.
With so many risks and the potential for lawsuits, talking about the reality of property crime will convince stakeholders that it’s a very real threat.

A Certified Property Manager Can Show the Rewards of Hiring Security

Many boards and CEOs are convinced that hiring security will drain money and is, therefore, a useless expense.
However, a certified property manager can show them that hiring security is an investment that will create great future benefits. How?
By hiring security, property managers can charge more premium for rent. This is because residents or business owners will be willing to spend a bit of extra money to secure their homes or workplaces.
Having onsite security also increases the overall value of the property by reducing risk factors. For example, by having a physical security presence at a property, the rate of vandalization drops significantly.
Along with this, having a security presence will attract quality tenants to your property. This makes it less appealing to more troublesome residents who may damage your property. By doing this, the value of your property will skyrocket.
Shareholders are always concerned about the worth of their property, as it is a major investment. By convincing them of the money they could earn, property managers can hire the security they need.

A Certified Property Manager Can Find High-Quality Security Solutions

If you manage properties, you’ll want quality onsite security that you don’t have to babysit. You’ll also want to have open communications with the security team on the ground.
A certified property manager can do research in order to find the best security solutions. But here’s the big question: What are the best security solutions?
You want a security team that’s committed to customer service and protection. Yet, you also want one with a high level of professionalism.
A great security service will provide your guards with a policy and procedures manual made just for your property. This ensures your security team follows standard processes with an organized building security plan.
Quality security providers will also keep an open line of communication between you and your guards. This keeps everyone in the loop so that if there are any issues, you can resolve them with little trouble.

A Certified Property Manager Can Explain How Security Is Affordable

It’s common sense that many people don’t want to spend more money than they need to. We all want the best value for our money. The same can be said for CEOs and boards that own properties.
When the board is being told about the expenses involved with hiring a professional security team, investors may reason, “Why should I spend tens of thousands of dollars on security?”
A CPM can explain that an onsite security team can be altered to suit the needs of any property. This will give property shareholders comfort in knowing they are not wasting their budget on unnecessary security extras.

A Certified Property Manager Can Showcase the Features of a Security Team

When explaining what a security team would entail, a CPM can show the full security features the team would carry. This can help convince anyone who owns the property that high-quality security is just what your commercial or residential property needs.
These features are often completely customizable. They can be changed to meet the needs of the property’s tenants and the stakeholders’ budgets.
What are these features? We have three common ones listed below.

1. Front Desk Concierge for Commercial Properties

For commercial properties, a front desk concierge can provide safety and security to employees and business owners.
The concierge is simply a friendly face in a uniform. They welcome visitors and employees into the building during the workday. At the same time, they keep an eye out for any unwelcomed guests who may pose a threat to your property or the people within it.
Their main station is the concierge desk where they can watch security camera monitors.
A concierge can also do regular foot patrols of the property. This allows them to keep an eye out for suspicious individuals. For example, these may be vandals and thieves scouting locations to prepare for potential break-ins.
Their job can also include regular parking lot inspections. Parking lots tend to be risky areas for criminal activity. By having a guard inspect the parking lot, you’ll never have to worry about intruders again.
As added security, a concierge can provide a secure sign-in protocol. This can stop any unauthorized persons from trying to enter the building.

2. Front Desk Concierge for Residential Properties

Residential properties should expect a security team dedicated to hospitality and customer service.
The job of the front desk concierge is to ensure any unwanted guests are kept out and the residents feel safe and secure. They can also watch the security cameras to look out for potential burglars or vandals.
Along with regular guard duties, they can provide convenience to the tenants in your building. This includes signing for packages, making replacement keys, and helping to carry groceries. They can also let in authorized persons, such as cleaners or package delivery services.
By lending a helping hand, they can give residents peace of mind and convince them to continue renting or leasing.

3. Virtual Concierge

This unique service provides tenants with security from a command center. This command center is located near the commercial or residential property.
Virtual concierges provide 24-hour protection that some security services don’t have. They are a more reliable and affordable option to a call box.
A virtual concierge is locally sourced and will act immediately in an emergency situation. They can dispatch police, ambulance and fire services, and maintenance teams. They can even provide remote access to the building to assist tenants who may be locked out.
What’s more, they can help with day to day life as well. For example, the service can assist pre-approved entries into the building, such as dog-walkers and cleaners. They can also stop package theft by only allowing delivery services into the mailroom.

A Certified Property Manager Can Show the Effects of a Poor Security Team

Is your residential or commercial property already being serviced by a poor quality security team? Your board or CEO may not realize the damage this is having on your property.
A certified property manager can use a security self-assessment test to show these stakeholders how risky it is to continue to use this poor quality system.
This is also very effective in helping convince them to use a higher-quality security team instead.

Final Thoughts on Certified Property Managers

Security guards have so much to offer to any residential or commercial property. Not only can they protect your building and residents, but they can also increase the overall value of the property.
By showing this to your property’s main stakeholders, you can convince them to hire a high-quality security solution.
To learn more about a high-quality security service with a focus on hospitality, you can ask for a quote or request a security consultation. We’ll help to sell the idea of a high-quality security service to the board or the CEO.

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