Commercial Security Companies vs. Security Systems: Why a Team Can do More Than Technology

Most companies will say they have security. But saying you have a security system vs actually being secure are two different things, just like having security guard services vs only having a surveillance system.
You can’t afford lackluster security.
But if, after close examination, you’re still not sure whether you need a human touch or the benefit of a computerized surveillance system, keep reading to find out the difference.
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Security Guard Services vs Surveillance Systems

Security isn’t just a matter of boots on the ground or cameras on the wall. Therefore, choosing your security system is more complicated than looking at the price tag.
There are benefits to computerized surveillance systems and there are benefits to security guard services. But there are also downsides to keep in mind.
First, let’s break down what both sides bring to the table.

Benefits of Surveillance Systems

The CCTV surveillance systems of today are more sophisticated than the cameras of yesteryear. But for all the bells and whistles – like hosted surveillance – the benefits of video surveillance systems remain the same.

They Cover More Ground

Video surveillance systems are a cost-effective way to have eyes on a lot of ground.
Camera systems can cover multiple floors, cover a lot of ground and see areas it’s difficult for a human to reach. Not just that – they give you the ability to see your whole business at once, in one place.

A Deterrent That Can’t Be Threatened

Those signs that say, “Smile – you’re on camera!” aren’t just for show.
A security camera is a visible deterrent to unwanted visitors and unlike a security guard, a camera can’t be threatened or disarmed quite as easily. It can also be linked to alarm monitoring so that you have more than just another set of eyes.

Benefits of Security Guard Services

Surveillance systems are important components of a complete security plan. You might be tempted to think a security system is enough of an investment on its own. But technology alone can’t keep your property safe.
It’s true that the cost of a security guard can look more pricey at the outset. Security guards can cost between $10 – $100 an hour, and that cost varies depending on what time it is. Late-night guard shifts cost even more.
So you might be thinking it’s more worth it to have a camera keep an eye on the premises than a person.
But there are some things a guard can do that a camera and an alarm system just can’t (and there’s a major difference between a security monitor and a security guard).

They React in Real Time

It’s one thing to see a threatening situation happening.
It’s another to react to it in real time.
While it’s useful to have a recording, a recording can’t stop crime in progress. Plus, cameras can’t see everything, so if all you have is an unclear recording, you may not be able to find the perpetrator.
Security guards are trained in everything from collecting information to responding effectively to threats and detaining suspects. You can also find security guards trained in what’s most important to your security plan.

They Think on Their Feet

Human guards have another one-up on security cameras. A camera might be able to see more than an individual guard, and a linked alarm system can catch someone in the act.
Here’s the problem: a camera doesn’t think. It just records. And an alarm system doesn’t know the difference between a criminal and an honest mistake. Because of this, a fully automated alarm and surveillance system run the risk of false alarms.
A camera also can’t tell if someone is doing something illegal if that person is smart enough not to trip the alarm. As far as the computer is concerned, if there are no alarm bells, everything is good.
A security guard knows better. They know how to look at a feed and notice someone doing something suspicious. They also know how to tell the difference between a false alarm and a genuine threat.

Why You Need More than a Machine

Which brings us to our next point: when it comes down to it, building your security system isn’t a one-or-the-other choice.
In reality, you need both a surveillance system and security guard services.
And while you might be balking at the higher cost of combining human guards with a computerized surveillance system, the truth is, you need the benefits of both sides for a security plan that truly serves you.

The Power of Two

A camera sees, and it covers a lot of ground. But a security guard can think and respond.
And when you come down to it, the truth is that you need both.
You can’t afford to have gaps in what your security can see, which is where cameras and an alarm system can benefit you. But you also need to have a system in place for actively responding to threats and recognizing when a potential threat is flying under the radar.
And if we’re being honest, cameras aren’t an effective deterrent if you don’t have security guards to back it up. After all, recording a crime isn’t the same thing as stopping a crime.

The Security Service You Need

If you want to stop a crime?
Well, start by having a great security service. That’s where we come in.
OPS Security Group offers a variety of security services including commercial security guard services to keep your business running smoothly, as well as armed guard servicesevent security and more.
And when you hire OPS services, you can trust that you’re in good hands. We bring over 80 years of experience to the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland region. Because we believe that when it comes to security, you should never settle.
Need a consultation? We’ve got you covered. Click here to request a consultation.
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