Concierge Security: What It Is and Why Businesses Need It

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Demand for concierge security for business is worth $4bn in 2018 and has grown by 3.6%.
Why? Concierge security has many benefits for business.
It gives a touch of sophistication. It provides a friendly face to visiting clients, helps employees feel safer, and makes building logistics smoother.
To know more about why a concierge could be what your business needs, read on.

What Exactly Is Concierge Security?

Concierge security welcome employees and visitors. They follow protocols of the building and business managers.
In essence, it’s a contracted front-of-house for your business.
Some businesses have a professional concierge on an ongoing basis. Others seek the service as a staff-fill service to replace a receptionist or other employee on leave or vacation. Let’s look at some of the functions and purposes they serve.

Why Businesses Hire a Concierge

Businesses can need a concierge for as many reasons as there are types of business. Here is a list of some of the key benefits.

Better Security

Think of the number of people that enter and leave your business building or property each day. The front-desk concierge can maintain a log-book of visitors. They can also check if employees have their passes on them.
They can even take note of any work property staff are walking out the door with, and use an official sign-in sign-out process. Best of all, they keep an eye out for any unwelcome guests that might pose a threat to your building or business.
Other services include foot patrols of your property, inspections of the parking lot, and monitoring security cameras.

Employee Safety

Employees often spend more time in the office than in their own homes each week. You want to make sure they feel safe when they’re there. Seeing a friendly concierge as they enter and leave can help them feel assured your business cares about their safety.
They can also feel confident about leaving their car in the staff parking lot, knowing it’s being watched by professional services.

Building Administration

Ever had staff annoyed by having to supervise tradesmen or sign for packages? These regular interruptions can be a real stress for you and your staff. By having a concierge, you end this hassle.
Your concierge can follow protocols you set, for receiving and distributing packages and mail. In this way, you can avoid missing important packages, or having lost or dumped parcels. They can even spot or receive complaints on building repair issues, and supervise the tradesmen coming to fix them.

Receiving Visitors Professionally

First impressions count. When potential clients visit your business, you want to ensure they receive guest passes. And that they’re directed in a professional way.
A concierge can make sure this happens: an efficient sign-in process, followed by clear instructions on which elevator to take and where to go for their meeting.
We’ve even heard stories of concierges who take a small part in the recruitment process. They do so by reporting back to bosses on how polite job applicants were as they signed in for their interview!
That underlines the value-add of an ongoing concierge. They become a part of the business, and work with you on whatever aspect of the building is most useful.

Financial Benefits

If you manage a property for one or more business renters, there’s a financial benefit to having a concierge. Our clients report a 10% increase in occupancy. They tell us there is around 20% boost to retention of business leases.
That’s something to think about! Once you have a security concierge, you can charge a premium rate for better amenities.

Concierge Security vs Security Guard: What’s the Difference?

When you enter a building and see a serious security guard, twice your size, what do you think about? If you’re like most people, you’ll assume that crime has been an issue there, and feel unsafe.
A security concierge is different, in that their role is to receive guests and act as a sort of front-of-house. Visitors and staff recognize that the concierge is there as part of making a building run smoothly, not just to deter crime.
The irony is that one of their key roles is building security since they are constantly monitoring risks. But when guests and employees see a known, friendly face directing them to sign-in protocols, they feel safe.
That’s a key difference between a cold security guard and friendly security concierge for your business.

Are They Exclusively for Business?

Concierge services are increasing in popularity. Not just for businesses. People spend more work hours away from their residences.
Many small and large residences and mixed-use buildings are moving to use a security concierge, for much the same reason as businesses. They check which guests are signing in and out, and receive packages and parcels.
They can report any suspicious activity that could be connected to theft or trespassing, or some other rule breach you want to know about. It’s a great way to find out if someone is renting through Airbnb.

What to Look for in a Concierge Service

While a great concierge is a logistical life-saver, a bad one is not worth the bother. If you’re in the Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, or New York and surrounding areas, consider OPS Security Group. We supply security that has a customer service mindset.
We’ve got 80 years experience in the area, focusing on security, safety, and investigations. We know what we’re doing, and we choose security services tailored to fit your front desk needs.

Stay on the Safe Side: Get Concierge Security

If you have a business or business leases in your building, it’s time you considered concierge security to greet guests professionally as well as receive calls and deliveries. Help staff feel safe at work, and keep building contractors and tradesmen in check.
Best of all, improve retention, lease value, and property rates. Why not give it a try? Get in touch with us so we can provide a tailored concierge service for your commercial property today.

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