Concierge Security: Where Service Meets Protection

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Concierge Security: Where Service Meets Protection

Residential and commercial security both need a personal touch. This is where concierge security comes into play. Concierge security is the first line of defense in residential and commercial buildings. These officers are often the first person you will see when entering a building and they are responsible for keeping everything on the inside safe.

A concierge provides much more than just being there when you need them. They can provide many other services such as handling packages, taking care of deliveries, providing directions to guests and clients, providing assistance with parking, escorting visitors around the property, and more.

Let’s dive deeper into some of the duties of concierge security.

Greet Tenants and Visitors in a Friendly Manner and Assist with Any Needs

Concierge services include greeting visitors at the door and answering any questions they might have while they are in the lobby area. Greeting visitors at the door does more for your residential security and commercial security than you may think. Not only does it create an elevated atmosphere, since it is a service associated with luxury properties, but it also gives your property added value for tenants. Someone is always there to render assistance, which offers a 24/7 peace of mind for residents. Ultimately, this improves their overall satisfaction and allows you to charge more for rentals in turn. Keeping concierge security can be seen as an investment for your bottom line.

Manage Tenant Package Deliveries

Concierge security also sorts through and manages package deliveries for tenants. An apartment security guard can ensure that the right packages are delivered to the right residents, preventing any potential mishaps. Moreso, this guarantees safe deliveries and prevents packages from being stolen or damaged.

Answer Phones Professionally and Assist Callers

For commercial security, having front desk personnel allows tenants to have someone answer calls on their behalf. This allows concierge security to forward calls to the right tenants, give directions to those who need them, and answer any caller’s inquiries. This not only gives your tenants an additional valuable service, but it can greatly improve satisfaction and communication.

Enforce Access Control and Visitor Policies

OPS Security Group - Outsourced Security - Security CardAn access control system is a system designed to control the flow of traffic into and out of a building or other enclosed area. Having someone monitor the visitors will deter unauthorized guests from entering and will allow you to keep intruders and criminals from entering. Tenants can rest assured knowing that there is a front desk security guard enforcing strict visitor policies to maintain their safety. 

Monitor Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a popular way to monitor people in public places. The video footage can be used to identify suspects, confirm the details of a crime, and even solve the crimes.

Monitoring video footage is not always easy. It can be very time-consuming and require a lot of attention. This is where surveillance camera monitoring comes into play. With concierge services, you will have someone who constantly monitors your cameras so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Enforce Building Safety and Security Measures

Outsourced security introduces policies that are used to protect buildings and their occupants from potential threats. They outline the procedures that should be followed in order to protect the safety of the building, its occupants, and its assets.

The security policy ensures that everyone knows what is expected of them during an emergency situation. Furthermore, it helps to prevent accidents from happening in the first place by outlining how people should behave in certain situations. 

This is why it is crucial to have a reliable front desk security guard to enforce these safety and security measures.

Why Do You Need Concierge Security?

The primary responsibility of concierge security is to keep a watchful eye on the building’s surroundings. They identify suspicious people, document any unusual activity, and report anything that might be out of place to law enforcement agencies or other security personnel. Concierge security is also responsible for maintaining order in public areas such as lobbies, hallways, and elevators. This includes making sure that no one loiters around or blocks any entrances, exits, and staircases.

To get the most out of your concierge services, choose and trust a firm like OPS Security to provide you with experienced and well-trained professionals. 

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