Cutting Edge Technologies To Keep Your Product & Employees Safe

Cutting Edge Technologies To Keep Your Product & Employees Safe: Video Surveillance, AI Detection, etc.

There are several types of security systems to choose from, depending on what factors are more important for your business. Consulting with a trusted security partner like OPS Security can help determine the specific security features you need for your building after an audit. Emergency preparedness, crime prevention and outsourced security are important for your business to be secure, especially for those in high-risk industries like a cannabis facility.

Modernized Access Control

An access control system operates on the principle of ensuring that only authorized people can enter a building. This is usually performed using some kind of credentials that will unlock a door, such as an ID card, key, or passcode. This data can be logged and monitored remotely so a security manager can see who enters and who exits. 

Biometrics can also provide an added layer of security to your organization. Since it is very difficult for someone else to duplicate your fingerprints, fingerprint sensors are an excellent way to enhance the security of your building. Biometric access control systems can be used in several different scenarios. They can be used as an access control system, as a card-based identification system, or as a standalone biometric identification system. 

Video Surveillance

Security cameras and video surveillance in commercial buildings let dispensary security teams see what’s happening in key areas to monitor cannabis security through video footage.

Surveillance cameras are used in all sorts of settings, from small businesses to major airports. For many years, they were passive devices that recorded footage only when triggered by motion or sound. But some camera systems can now include analytics and machine learning features. That means they know when something unusual happens and can send alerts about it.

Security systems are necessary to protect us. AI can help improve the security of these digital security systems. One way is that AI can recognize any potential threat or abnormality in the system more quickly than a human could. 

Cloud-based Alarm Systems

Commercial building alarm systems can deter criminal activity and notify at the first sign of a breach. They can be triggered by an event occurring in a cannabis facility or directly connected to door locking mechanisms.

A cloud-based alarm system is designed to work with the use of the internet. It does not require any satellite equipment to work, which makes it cheaper than conventional security systems.

A cloud-based alarm system relies on a network of sensors and devices that are connected to the internet. These devices transmit data over the internet to a monitoring center where it can be analyzed for possible security breaches. Data collected by these devices is also transmitted back to these devices for them to operate effectively.

Sensors and Detection Systems

Sensors — whether you’re using door contact sensors or more advanced sensors, they will tell you when someone enters or leaves the building and if doors are left open. This adds security to high-risk spaces.

Sensors can be used in lots of other ways than just for identifying intruders in the area. For example, they can be used for motion detection, fire detection, gas leakage detection and temperature in your cannabis facility

There are different ways that these sensors can be implemented in a work environment. They can be installed on access points or entryways, on office doors or desks, or even on mobile phones that employees carry with them while they work. The use cases for this technology include monitoring environmental conditions, tracking whether employees have been smoking around hazardous materials, preventing theft from offices by noticing when someone is stealing expensive equipment.

Sensors are an important part of the security system of any business. From simple motion sensors to advanced camera systems, they give businesses a way to stay updated with the happenings in and around their premises.

Cannabis security should include proper fire safety, emergency detection systems to comply with local safety regulations for equipment around your cannabis facility and property.

Cybersecurity Systems

Cybersecurity systems attach security to networks that will protect and safeguard businesses’ information and data. Commercial cybersecurity can include anti-virus software, data encryption, traffic monitoring and firewalls. AI and machine learning can also play a large part in business security and risk assessment by looking for vulnerabilities and finding avenues to reinforce weak spots. 

These AI-powered security services are the next big thing in cybersecurity and they will soon replace humans that used to do some tasks manually and inefficiently. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before we see these solutions working in almost any industry — from retail and banking to healthcare and dispensary security.

With the increasing number of cyberattacks, AI has been introduced to help with the problem.AI systems have been proven to be more accurate and reliable than humans in this field.

  1. AI can flag suspicious activities which may be potential cybercrime or fraud
  2. It’s completely immune to human errors like biases, external influences, etc.
  3. AI can analyze huge amounts of data in a matter of seconds.

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