The Balance Between Having Security Presence at Your Dispensary and Maintaining the ‘Mac Store’ Client Experience

The Balance Between Having Security Presence at Your Dispensary and Maintaining the ‘Mac Store’ Client Experience

The cannabis industry is opening up now that many states have legalized it. This has affected how dispensaries now present themselves to customers. Your cannabis facility can now tap into different niche markets that were previously closed off. Emergency preparedness and security services need to evolve with the cannabis industry’s needs.

MedMen is creating the template for the modern-day marijuana dispensary with its sleek, open-concept stores. What you’ve heard is true: they look & feel great. The Mac Store experience gives them the advantageous edge of having a premium experience for customers while delivering a solution to their needs. All of this can be achieved with the ideal mix of cannabis security and style.

Luxury and high-end experiences are now part of the buying experience for customers and dispensary security teams now need to find a balance. A capable security manager will be able to create that balance between that premium ‘Mac Store’ experience and the security services that deliver.

Dispensaries are often targets for burglaries and robberies, but with the right security measures in place, they can be more secure. Some of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to dispensary security and safety are:

  • Implementing a security camera system
  • Training your employees on how to spot suspicious activity
  • Hiring cannabis security guards with better customer service experience
  • Adding bulletproof glass to high-end displays, windows and doors
  • Installing burglar alarms 

High-End Displays and Thoughtful Design for Security

The Apple Store is remembered for many things. One of those things is the impeccable design. High-end stores don’t suffer from extreme overcrowding or crowded aisles. That’s because of the traffic management and thoughtful layout. The use of beautiful displays elevates the experience and gives customers the atmosphere of experiencing something precious. To make sure displays are secure, cameras can be placed strategically to monitor customers and employees. 

In addition, windows and doors can be reinforced with bulletproof glass to prevent armed robberies. Bulletproof glass adds a physical barrier for protection that is undetectable and won’t erode the customer experience by being too intrusive. Burglar alarms can also be connected to possible entry points to add another layer of protection. 

Good lighting is another thing to consider for improving the luxurious feel of your cannabis facility. The right lighting can enhance products and make displays stand out. From a security standpoint, good lighting makes sure it’s easy for employees to maintain clear lines of sight throughout the dispensary. It also makes it harder for thieves to slip in undetected amongst customers to steal inventory. 

Working with a security partner, you can develop a security program that enhances the layout of your physical space to improve your retail and commercial security and ensure your design is ergonomic. An outsourced security team can also lend assistance with emergency preparedness so you know you have systems in place for worst-case scenarios. 

A People-Focused Approach Service and Security

The customer service team at a marijuana dispensary is often the first point of contact for new or returning customers. This team needs to have the skill and training to craft a positive first impression. Front desk security and outsourced security could be a fantastic addition to your cannabis facility to achieve this. Not only with trained outsourced security be a good layer of protection at your primary entry point, but your dispensary security will be able to reassure new and existing customers that you are a reputable business that values them.

The customer service team is not just there to offer information about products, but also to provide solutions for any problems that arise. A cannabis security guard could help direct the flow of traffic and help customers navigate your cannabis facility. With the cannabis industry being so new, these solutions are often needed on some of the most basic questions about ingredients, relief, usage and accessories for devices. 

This is why it’s so important for dispensaries to have quality customer service. It can help your cannabis dispensary gain loyal customers who are willing to come back again and again. The staff at a marijuana dispensary are often the front-line representatives for the business, so they must have a positive attitude while providing customers with information about pricing, options, and rules.

Having cannabis security personnel who can address the concerns of customers and keep a watchful eye on potential vulnerabilities will make the atmosphere much more pleasant and friendly as it is secure.

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