How to Ensure You’re Working with an Effective Security Guard Company

We've all read incredible stories of the heroism of security guards that confronted criminals in residential or commercial spaces and likely saved lives.

With violent crime on the rise in the United States, unfortunately, these types of stories are no longer things that you only read about in the paper. Sometimes, they're things you've directly experienced yourself.

That's why more and more property managers, office managers, and even just everyday people, are looking into working with a professional security guard company. However, with security guard training and certification requirements shockingly scant in some states, it's crucial to know the kinds of things to look for to ensure your guard can actually keep you and the people you care about safe.

What Types Of Security Are Offered?

When you're looking for the right security guard company, you're likely first going to picture one that provides your commercial or residential space with a physical guard.
And while physical guards certainly are important when it comes to making residents and workers feel safe, this isn't the only type of guarding you need to consider.

Depending on the area and the crime rate, you may also need a virtual concierge and other forms of surveillance and security cameras to keep an eye on an office park or neighborhood.

You may also need to consider hiring an armed security guard service, getting executive protection, and even potentially hiring a private investigator. If you work within the government, your security needs will also be vastly different from other businesses or forms of residential security.

However, if the security guard company you're considering working with only offers one type of protection, you're opening yourself up to all kinds of threats.

The best way to know which kinds of security guard services will work for you? Try taking our onsite security self-assessment test. This will help you not only to identify any gaps in your current security guard company, it will also help you to better understand your current risk level.

Does The Security Guard Company Offer Emergency Planning?

Don't wait until someone has a gun pointed at you to come up with an emergency, worst-case scenario plan.

When you're in the market for new security services, you should expect to be offered a personal consultation with a security management expert. During this consultation, you'll discuss the threats you might face, the type of security you need, and, most importantly, emergency planning options.
Sometimes, preventative measures, even the highest form of security possible, can't stop someone who is determined to take advantage of you.

When that happens, you want your security team to be ready. Discuss possible escape routes, weapon storage, self-defense techniques, and even the specific forms of technology you should use to protect yourself.

What Kind Of Background Do The Guards Have?

Let's face it: when an armed criminal comes banging on your front door, you don't want the only person between them and you to be a retired kindergarten teacher. Instead, you want someone with the professional experience, physical strength, and even psychological training to help to prevent a serious crime and to keep you and your loved ones safe.

This is why, when considering a new security guard company, you should absolutely ask about experiential and education background.
So, what kinds of experience should you look for?

Past careers that will be helpful in the security guard industry include:

  • Law enforcement officers
  • Hostage negotiators
  • Secret service agents
  • Private investigators
  • Psychological training
  • Military experience

Finally, it goes without saying that the security company should conduct thorough background checks on each of their employees. Always ask as many questions about the employee screening process that you need to feel comfortable.

Educational Credentials And Certifications

In addition to past work experience, you should also ask about the kinds of certification and educational background that a potential security guard has.
Helpful credentials include:

  • Degrees in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security
  • Certification in IT security
  • CPR/First Aid/AED certification
  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification
  • SORA, Act 235, OCAT certification
  • Certification for Evacuation Coordination/FEMA Risk Management

In addition to asking about past certification, never feel too intimidated to ask for proof of certification. If it seems that the person you're dealing with doesn't want to provide proof of certification, then you know it's time to move on.

Ask For References

Sometimes, the best way to really evaluate a potential security guard company is to speak directly to those who have used their services in the past. When you're interviewing potential security services, ask for the contact information (a phone number is best) of at least three references.

When you speak to them on the phone, we suggest asking about:

  • The level of professionalism
  • The past client's feeling of safety
  • Emergency preparedness plans created
  • Fees and overall cost of service
  • Security's level of independence
  • Timeliness
  • IT expertise

Remember, just as with copies of education and certification credentials, if someone doesn't want to provide you with references, then you know they're not a trustworthy company.

Need A Security Guard Company For Your Residential Or Commercial Property?

After reading this blog, you should now know the most important things to look for when considering working with security guard services. Just remember: experience, credentials, emergency planning, and various types of security are all crucial things to ask about.

At OPS Security Group, our team of professionals has over 80 years of experience in a wide variety of fields relating to security. Whether you're looking to protect your home, your business, or even a property you manage, we have the expertise you can count on.
Security is simply too important to leave in the hands of an amateur -- but unfortunately, this is a reality that some people realize too late.

Don't be one of them.

Instead, get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you to create thorough, tailor-made security solutions that help you to breathe a little easier.
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