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So now you are ready to travel like POTUS, but is your family protected like POTUS?  Simple! Just wait four more years and run for office (personal note: After the election we just had, PLEASE run for office!). Until then, as the saying goes, if you want something done right, you’ve gotta do it yourself. With that in mind, OPS Security Group IS BACK to offer you a couple easy DIY tips you can start implementing now to effectively protect yourself and your loved ones.
Tip #1: “Daddy Dojo”
It has honestly baffled me for some time that parents will do fire drills and educate their children on what to do if there is a fire in the home, however, when the topic of safety and security comes up, they are “too young and fragile”.  I’m the youngest of four, and living proof that that statement is a load of… I’m sure you can guess. Look, I’ve seen a kid on the internet get bounced across the room and into the wall by an older sibling with an exercise ball, trust me they are fine.

I’m not saying you need to arm your toddler and send him to daycare ready to double tap any little nose picker that steals their animal crackers, nor am I saying to start a baby fight club in your basement …the benefit with that being that babies can’t talk about fight club… rule #1.  But I am saying that if you can teach a baby to not drown when they fall into a pool….. (it’s a thing, I’ve seen it and it’s awesome)…..you can teach them what to do if trouble comes around.
Get your kids off the grid and off the couch, and get them into a self defense class.  Do it with them.  Learn together.  Then when mom’s away, you can do karate stuff in the garage.  While on the subject, here are some other quick things to teach your kids:

  • How to dial 911 and what to say
  • If someone approaches the family in public, step behind daddy / mommy / older brother or sister, and wait for them to introduce you.  This gets them out of line of sight, and puts a barrier between them and the unknown person, and facilitates grabbing them up in the event it is time to get away.
  • Answering the phone and the door is for grown ups.  I know, it’s cute, but this can lead to someone forcing themselves into the house, or the child answering the phone when you are away and giving up information that can benefit someone that means to do harm later on.

Tip #2: “Squad Goals”
No, I am not talking about this “squad” crap (probably invented by a kardashian)  that is out there on social media right now…I am talking military squad, a cohesive unit.  In the executive protection world, every one of those guys that are wearing suits and sunglasses (and are hoping you think they look cool) has a job  Whether it is to engage the threat, bring the vehicle up, shield the protectee with their body, or grab the protectee and “load and go”, each has a job that becomes muscle memory from training. Think of your family as such a unit.  Each individual has a job or task to perform in the event of an emergency.
Given the age of your children, they are also included in this, obviously with age appropriate roles.  For example, if you have a teenager and a little one, the job of the teenager in the event of a violent attack might be to get the little one away as quickly as possible.  If your children are young, you should be drilling them to respond in a way that works to benefit the plan you will develop.  This plan is designed specifically for your family and should be based on the skills and abilities of the individuals that make up your family.  Here is what one proactive family might have as a plan.
For this example, Dad and Mom are both concealed firearm permit holders, and are usually both armed when they are out with the family.  I use the terms “sword” and “shield” to refer to the job roles of each parent.  This is something I have developed for OPS Specific Family Training, and can easily be replaced with other names or numbers as necessary.  Something really cool like Falcon 1 and El Tigre perhaps….again Honey Badger is taken, sorry.  Whatever the names are, make sure they are easy to remember and link the job role with the specific actions to be taken in the plan.  The goal here is to act, not think.
Here is the scenario:
While walking around a shopping center one evening, the family is approached by an individual that draws a weapon and demands their money.  Something we in the industry would refer to as “BANG”.
For this particular family, this response would be what is trained:
When BANG happens, whichever parent is closest to the children becomes the SHIELD.  The other parent becomes the SWORD.  As the shield, this parent will immediately draw their firearm and position themselves between the threat and their children, moving the children as quickly as possible away from the threat and to safety.  The “sword” will then draw their weapon and engage the threat while the “shield” gets the rest of the family to safety.  Obviously it goes without saying that both parents can become shield, however it is never recommended that both parents become sword.  
This is just a brief example, and some plans will obviously differ, but the important thing is simply to HAVE A PLAN.  When “bang” happens, is too late.  You must have a plan and drill it before it ever happens.  Then if it does happen, the family will ACT instead of freeze, which saves lives.
To be sure, it is unfortunate that this type of planning should be in place for a family.  But planning for your family’s safety and security is just as important as financial and educational planning. Honestly, I hate that my profession needs to exist, but these are the times that we live in (that, and my acting career never took off, although I must say I thought I was a very compelling “Second Wise Man” in my kindergarten Christmas play).  But as long as there are bad people doing bad things, it’s my sincere hope that I can help.  For more tips on how to keep yourself and your family secure, or if you are interested in OPS customizing a plan for your family, check out OPS Security Group. Like the example above, we can help you develop a plan specific to your family type and abilites that can keep you safe.
Thanks for reading, and remember…… there is no mercy in Daddy Dojo!

…..told ya

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