Five Tests to See if Your Security Company is Protecting Your Warehouse Assets

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When you’re managing a warehouse, you have to wear several hats at once.
Some days you’re more focused on logistics and stock, others you’re doing work with employee management and human resources. If you aren’t adequately prepared, warehouse management can become complicated.
Warehouse security guard services is one of the biggest concerns managers have, but most assume that the security company they hired has everything covered.
You may assume that your security company is doing a good job if you haven’t had any problems, but a lack of security issues doesn’t mean that the company you hired is doing everything they should.

Five Ways To Test The Effectiveness Of Your Security Company

Whether you have a single guard hired by a company or a fleet of security guards, it’s important to test them.
Testing them doesn’t just ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth, it can also help prevent possible problems.
When you’re doing these tests, make sure that security employees aren’t aware that they’re being tested. You’re going to want to see how they handle things around the clock, not just when they know they’re being watched.
You don’t need to do anything elaborate to test your security company. These simple tests should tell you whether or not your security team is doing their best.
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Use “Old” Methods Of Entry

Most warehouses give their employees access to certain areas with key cards, fobs, and codes. Ideally, physical devices can be collected from employees when they’re terminated or when they resign, but that doesn’t always happen.
HR may have been out on an employee’s last day and may not have taken their key. In some cases, the lock or system itself may malfunction and fail.
Having old keycards or security codes is a major security risk. People that shouldn’t have access to the warehouse can easily get inside, and in some worst cases you could be setting yourself up for robbery.
Take a little time to enter in “old” security codes and swipe old keycards to see if they work.
Ideally, you’ll find that your security team is doing their job and that only current keys and codes work. More often than not, you’re more likely to find that security has let a few things slip through the cracks.

Plan A “Penetration”

In the security world, “penetration” is a term for when people gain access to areas or materials that they shouldn’t normally have.
Warehouses are full of areas where authorized personnel should be. Whether it’s the production floor or the boss’ office, you need to make sure that security is keeping people where they should be.
Ask a friend to try to gain access to the warehouse. See how easy it is for them to get into certain areas, and ask them to pay attention to how security treated them and handled the situation.
Also be sure to ask a trusted employee to attempt to gain access to a restricted area. It can be easy for security to spot a stranger and keep them away from an area, but it can be tough to stop a genuine employee.

Remove Products

Loss prevention at warehouses is so important. Your warehouse is home to millions of products or raw materials, and they need to be kept safe.
You’d be surprised at how simple it is for employees to steal products. Some can walk right out of the warehouse with products and nobody would question if they should have them.
Ask a trusted employee to attempt to leave the warehouse area with product. See if security stops them at any point, and if they’re able to completely leave the warehouse.

Ask For A Mock Report

Preventing an incident from happening at work is important, but handling it properly is even more pressing.
Whether someone was harmed on the job, an item was stolen, or someone needed to be removed from the warehouse, an incident report must be written.
Incident reports are important for legal purposes, and they’re also helpful to have for your own personal reference.
Make up a situation and ask your security personnel to write an incident report about it. See if they’re mentioning important details and if you feel that they handled the incident the right way.

Prop Open Doors

This may sound strange, but this simple test can let you know a lot about current security vulnerabilities.
Think about the door that everyone “knows” is supposed to stay closed at all times, or about other areas you know should have limited access.
Warehouses can be very busy places. It isn’t uncommon for some employees to prop open doors to make certain tasks easier. Some may even “rig” a door so that it always stays open, or so that it can swing in different directions.
These harmless things could lead to a break-in, or someone possibly getting hurt at work.
Your security staff may not be able to stop employees from doing certain things, but they should be able to spot simple security vulnerabilities like an open door.
Prop open a door that should be locked and see how long it stays that way. An employee closing it is a good sign that they’re following the rules, but see how security handles it when they’re making their rounds.

Next Steps

If you test your security company and they fail, it’s time to work on improving your security.
First, you need to a find a security company you can trust. Contact us today so we can start talking about your company’s security needs and the best way to help you.
After you’ve done that, it’s time to do what you can to improve security on your own.
Install new cameras and security systems if you feel like they aren’t cutting it. New equipment and new help can be just what you need to improve security.
You should also take time to train your employees on important safety and security protocol.
Security guards can only do so much to help keep your warehouse safe. Employees that know how to keep their workplace secure are much more helpful.
Let them know the right ways to access the building, and encourage them to alert security or their managers if they notice something wrong.
And don’t forget, our blog has a lot of helpful content on improving security. Check out our post on lobby security so you can start improving safety as soon as people enter the building.
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