Are Your Front Desk Personnel Accurately Representing Your Brand?

Are Your Front Desk Personnel Accurately Representing Your Brand? 

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First impressions can make or break a brand. We all judge a book by its cover because it gives the reader a sneak preview of what’s to come. Your business is no different. As soon as visitors enter your office or store, they get a sense of who your company is and whether or not they want to do business with you.

Many businesses recognize that professional front desk personnel add another layer to their overall corporate security, but what they fail to understand is the immense impact it also has on their brand. With the right security partner, businesses can create a program that not only improves safety and security, but enhances their brand as well.

Why Do You Need Professional Front Desk Security?

Professional front desk personnel enhance your organization’s security program by: 

  • Enforcing access control measures to ensure that only authorized persons are permitted entry to your property
  • Maintaining accurate and detailed records of all visitors as well as any incidents that occur
  • Detering unsafe and suspicious activities
  • Constantly monitoring security cameras
  • Providing first response to emergencies such as First Aid, AED, and CPR
  • Notifying the appropriate authorities immediately when emergencies occur 

In addition to securing your people and property, professional front desk personnel help create a welcoming environment for everyone that visits your property.  These men and women are a direct extension of your brand.

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Attentive Service

Branding is usually associated with the physical aspects of your product or location, but visitor experience can play an even larger role in the perception of your brand. From the moment someone enters your business, they are subject to your brand’s messaging. An indifferent front desk person wouldn’t give visitors the impression that you care about them. How your front desk personnel carry themselves and communicate can set you apart from your competitors, for better or worse.

Whether managed internally, or outsourced with a trusted partner, front desk security plays a crucial role in visitor experience.  A customer-service oriented front desk service can enhance your brand by:

  • Greeting visitors in a polite and professional manner
  • Assisting with directions
  • Providing helpful information and answering questions
  • Maintaining a tidy desk and appearance
  • Remaining calm and positive at all times

Why Are We the Best Security Partner for You?

OPS is people-focused so we take care with how we treat people. We have highly trained personnel who value customers because they value employees. Our staff is communicative to make sure everything is in tip-top shape for you and your business.

OPS understands that people are the most important part of our security services. That’s why our employees are so important. We train our employees to provide the highest level of protection possible for you and your business. Allowing them to grow is a large part of our mission. 

That’s why we work to ensure you have customized outsourced security that fits your exact needs. We work with you to create corporate security that will give you and your customers peace of mind. We can do this because we offer people-first security: it’s something we practice and preach. 


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Every aspect of your business should reflect your brand.  From the moment someone walks through the door of your business to the moment they leave. Experiences are one more element of your marketing and brand authority that can connect customers to you. A heightened sense of loyalty and comfort can come from customers who feel secure and comfortable in your commercial space. 

Take care of your employees, customers, and property with with professional security services. Choose a security partner that is committed to providing the best customer service and security services possible is an asset for your brand. For peace of mind, choose OPS Security.

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