Hiring Apartment Building Security – Reasons To Outsource Your Security Team

“By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.”

Okay, so Benjamin Franklin probably wasn’t thinking of apartment security services when he said that. But this Philadelphia security guard company heeds the words of this Philadelphia icon every day. We believe if your property isn’t prepared to handle security threats, you’re likely to run into trouble.
As a residential property manager, it’s important to consider the security measures your building has in place to protect your property and its residents.
You aren’t around 24/7. You can’t be on hand to answer every call out from a security guard or emergency. So, what do you do when it’s 3 a.m. and there’s been a break in?
Outsourcing apartment building security is the most cost-efficient and productive use of your security budget.
Not only can outsourcing building security services add value to your building, they can add value to your brand.
Outsourced apartment security takes the day-to-day needs of security off your busy plate, and gives your tenants a single point of contact, available at any time of the day or night, should problems arise.
But if you still need to be convinced, let’s talk through our top 8 benefits of hiring outsourced apartment security.
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1. Security Provides Deterrence for Criminals

On-site security is all about deterrence. It takes guts to break into an apartment with hired security on hand to respond in seconds. Guts that petty thieves and criminals don’t have.
Hired security provides a simple message to potential criminals—this property is protected, so stay away. This message makes it less likely for low-level criminal activity to occur and forcing criminals to look elsewhere.
Security also provides deterrence and intervention from everyday issues facing apartments—loitering, unwelcomed guests, package thieves, etc.

2. Fast Reaction, On Call Services

Hiring an on-site security guard will provide you with faster reaction times to disturbances than it would take you or a resident to call the police.
A trained security guard at the front desk can react to issues small or large immediately, often without needing third-party intervention.
Having dedicated apartment security on call to respond to problems not only helps to reassure your residents, but also reduces the likelihood of any damage, critical injury or serious disturbance.
Virtual Concierge services can provide the fast reaction time at more than just the front desk. Virtual security services are an affordable option for standard call box or after-hours coverage.

3. Custom Security To Suit Your Needs

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to private security solutions. You might know you want a front-desk security concierge. But do you know if you need 24/7 staff? Do you want armed or unarmed security services?
Outsourcing apartment building security tailored to suit the needs of your building complex, with detailed security consultations made to ensure every requirement is met.

4. Your Residents Feel Safer

On-site security provides a presence that can help give residents the impression, if not the reality, of real security for their homes.
They will worry less about stolen packages, loiterers, intruders, or leaving their home unattended for the weekend.
And if there’s a problem at the door, they know that someone can be there in minutes, if not seconds to help.
They’ll have the confidence that their most important sanctuary is protected.
Confidence only dedicated security can provide.

5. Longer Occupancy Rates

A security presence will make your residence feel safer. With personal safety rated as one of the highest considerations for residents, it’s no wonder that happier residents stay in rented homes longer.
Our own customers reported a 20% increase in the number of residents staying in their homes following the introduction of private security to their residential properties.
Longer occupancy reduces your costs marketing your property, repairing units to lease, and more. You can use these benefits to sell the security budget to your board or CEO.

6. Increased Rental Income Possibilities

Outsourced apartment security makes your residence safer, which is a quality people are willing to pay for. Highlighting your building’s security services is an amenity that enables you to charge a higher rental rate.
Higher rental rates will increase the value and position of your property in the marketplace.
But it isn’t just about the value of your property. By increasing the rent, you can recoup the cost of introducing apartment security in a way that isn’t just about making a profit.

7. Add Hospitality Services to Your Amenities

A front-desk concierge isn’t just about keeping residents safe. A quality outsourced security service will provide security with a hospitality mindset.
This means getting out from behind the desk to greet residents, signing for packages, carrying in groceries, and being a friendly, reliable presence in their home.
Apartment security can act as a front desk for your property, reducing overall staffing costs and leaving you to do the important things, like pay the bills.

8. Someone Is Always Watching

More than anything else, having dedicated apartment security is about having peace of mind.
This isn’t just about your residents. It’s about you.
With security in place, you don’t have to worry as much about the likelihood of something going wrong when you’re not around because your security staff will be on hand to keep watch – for as much as you want them to.

Dedicated Residential Security Services To Protect Your Buildings And Residents

With nearly 200 burglaries every hour in the United States, you really can’t afford to neglect the security of your residents.
OPS Security Group can provide dedicated apartment security capable of deterring criminals, looking after the needs of your residents and provide a first-class front of house service for your apartment complex at a reasonable cost.
Arrange a security consultation with us for a personalized look at how residential security services can help take out the hassle of organizing security and protection for your residential business.
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