Is Your Site Supervisor/Account Manager Your Right-Hand Person?

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Is Your Site Supervisor/Account Manager Your Right-Hand Person?

With an increased focus on residential and commercial security throughout these past few years, many businesses are looking for a strong security partner with expertise and a proven track record—a partner who understands their unique needs are crucial. Many businesses find themselves overwhelmed by the complexity of security requirements, what they need, and the potential risks that are involved. Simultaneously, they also feel that they need to do everything in their power to protect their company, assets, employees, and customers. 

OPS Security Group - Outsourced Security - Guard Talking to PersonAt OPS Security, we are people-centric. We truly mean this from top to bottom. Investing time and resources into our expert personnel gives them the confidence and skills they need to perform above and beyond in their job. A large part of that responsibility means being able to work effectively with clients. This is why we concentrate on giving our clients a tailored experience. 

It’s extremely important to find the right service providers for your business. In addition, finding and hiring the right security partner for your outsourced security is essential. 

To ensure that you have a strong security partnership, here are some things to look for within a site supervisor/account manager. 

Open Communication

The importance of communication in account management is not something that should be overlooked. 

Your account manager is an off-site partner that manages your expectations and provides you with answers to your questions. Since account managers are your primary contact, strong open communication will be the foundation of a successful account manager. Account managers are responsible for several clients within their designated region, which is why transparency and open dialogue is of the utmost importance.

Account managers also need to be working closely with your on-site lead. Site supervisors, who should play a dual role as your on-site right-hand person as well, should maintain open communication between staff. They are responsible for ensuring security guards work efficiently and follow protocol. Your account manager and site supervisor should always be on the same page. Site supervisors will work alongside the reporting officers and therefore should be able to provide daily reporting. In turn, these reports will be reviewed by account managers. A collaborative effort like this ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Proactive Leadership

Proactive leadership is another desirable trait for your security services to exhibit. Your account manager needs to constantly display servant leadership that is proactive and not reactive. While most security firms assign 30-40 locations to a single account manager, at OPS Security, our account managers will have a maximum workload of 10 locations. This means that they can cater to your needs as well as focus on overall performance. Site supervisors are assigned to clients based on their ability to manage and lead commercial and residential security teams daily. This establishes the foundation for effective security services driven by security partners who can lead by example. They manage staff scheduling for security guards and other personnel, uniforms, and standard operating procedures. Site supervisors act as on-site supplementary managers along with your account manager to create a successful dynamic partnership.

Constant Assessment and Improvement

With a strong security partner, assessments and improvements on your commercial security or residential security become regular. Once you know where your risks lie, your security services provider can help work to eliminate the risks with a solution set of your choice and needs. Partnering with outsourced security isn’t just efficient for your commercial security, as it also allows you to work with a team who knows what to do and how to fix weaknesses in your system by taking proactive steps to maintain your company’s safety.

Account managers and site supervisors will work together to create a rigorous plan for your outsourced security plan. Since they aggregate and review all incident reports and patrol the report outcomes, they can work directly with you to improve security protocols as your needs change. 

Collaborative Commercial and Residential Security 

The importance of customer service cannot be overstated when it comes to security services. It is crucial that a security partner stands by your side to work with you. A company’s security personnel should not only be friendly, but also professional and knowledgeable in all of the aspects of security operations—from the operation side to the bottom line. Improved security affects your bottom line by enhancing your brand value through customer and employee experience. A solid relationship with a security partner will ensure your customized security systems are effective.


The right partnerships with outsourced security services will not leave you in the dark with questions and concerns. Responding on time to incidents, queries, and concerns is a top priority for our account managers and site supervisors here at OPS Security. Security is a long-term investment. You want a partner, not a one-and-done relationship. 

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