Keeping Employees Safe: 5 Benefits Of A Security Guard

Keeping Employees Safe: 5 Benefits Of A Security Guard

Do you have a security guard at your business? If not, you may want to reconsider. Nearly 10% of all businesses are burglarized each year, and that doesn’t account for other crimes such as vandalism, assault, and robbery.
Unfortunately, however, it’s in these moments that you need a security guard but don’t have one when you realize how beneficial they truly are for any large or small business.
Whether it’s about making a statement about security to your clients or keeping you and your employees safe, there are several security guard benefits you can’t (or shouldn’t) ignore.
Keep reading for an in-depth look.

1. Crime Deterrence

One of the most substantial security guard benefits is a strong deterrence for criminal activity. With few exceptions, most people prefer not to go to jail or prison. Therefore, getting caught in the act of a crime is not on their agenda.
A posted security guard represents upscale security and on-site surveillance. Most people intent on burglarizing or robbing a business will think twice due to the presence of a security guard. However, that mentality extends to other areas of crime as well, such as sexual assault, aggravated assault, vandalism, etc.
In places like Washington, DC and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, crime rates vary greatly throughout the city. The more deterrence you have, the better.

2. Roving Security

Security guards can do several things even the most state-of-the-art security systems cannot. This includes roving. While you can set up multiple cameras with live feeds, a roving security guard can follow suspicious people, look behind corners, and shine lights into dark places.
A mobile security guard is a much greater threat to potential criminals than a stationary camera. A simple ski mask can hide one’s identity from a camera. A real person, however, poses a much greater threat to confrontation.

3. Immediate Response

An immediate, on-site response is one of the greatest security guard benefits. You can’t expect to stay at your business 24 hours a day. Therefore, a night-time security guard can do what you can’t, such as respond to intruders or vandals after hours.
However, their ability to immediately respond to issues is just as vital during the day. For example, if an ex-employee or livid customer came into your place of business to cause a scene, vandalize the place, or even with a violent motive, a security guard can immediately deescalate the situation. This will minimize damage to you, your staff, your clients, and your property.

4. Credible Witness

In the event of an unfortunate situation, a security guard also serves as a reliable witness in terms of providing information and statements for the police. Regardless of the situation, a security guard is a third-party professional who can provide valuable evidence.
This can include anything from suspect identification, details about a violent employee, and everything in between. In the event of a situation in which you’re personally involved, a security guard will prevent a “he said, she said” police report.

5. A Sense of Security

While some areas of town are certainly less prone to crime, no business is completely immune to it. Regardless of where your business operates, whether it’s Jersey City, New Jersey or Baltimore, Maryland, one of the biggest security guard benefits is the sense of security it gives everyone. This includes you, your staff, and your customers or clients.
This sense of security can be especially important in areas with higher crime statistics and for businesses that operate late into the night. At the end of the day, you want everyone who steps into your business to feel safe.

6. On-Site Support for Employees

A security guard will also help keep the peace when it comes to inter-office relationships. In the event that an employee has a personal situation arise, such as a stalker or an ex-spouse who won’t leave them alone, a security guard provides a safe buffer to keep your employees safe.
In the rare event that two employees get into an altercation, a security guard will also be there to keep things from escalating to a physical level. They will also be beneficial if you have to fire an employee and want to avoid a disruptive or violent reaction.

7. Communication

While security systems provide video and audio surveillance, that’s about as far as the communication line goes. Alternatively, one of the best security guard benefits is a solid line of communication after hours.
For example, if an alarm goes off in an area that’s supposed to have zero activity at night, you can call the on-site security guard who will keep you apprised of the situation. You can ask him to investigate certain areas or stay posted in the most vital positions.

8. Armed and Unarmed Options

Unfortunately, security guards have taken on a negative stereotype of being “mall cops” who are powerless and/or unsubstantial. However, most security companies go above and beyond in terms of training and security guard standards. This includes armed and unarmed security guards.
One of the major security guard benefits is being able to choose armed vs. unarmed guards based on the needs of your business. Additionally, websites, reviews, and testimonials can help you discriminate between competent and incompetent security companies to avoid the “mall cop” stigma.

9. Peace of Mind

Finally, as a business owner, it pays to have peace of mind. Knowing that your building, assets, and employees have a protective eye watching over them is priceless in terms of contentment.
Hiring a security guard will also provide peace of mind to your staff and all of the customers and clients that come into your building.

Want to Experience Security Guard Benefits for Yourself?

Are you considering hiring a security guard? Maybe something has happened that’s sparked your desire for extra safety and security. Or, perhaps you just want to be prepared for anything.
Regardless, there are ample security guard benefits for any company. Don’t risk leaving yourself, your employees, or your clients vulnerable. Contact us today to talk about what we can do for your business.

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