Office Building Security Tips to Improve Lease Renewals

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You may think that there are certain kinds of buildings that are magnets for crime. Gated communities, shopping centers, and large retail stores are usually targets for theft, vandalism, and burglaries.
Recent statistics show that more and more small businesses are suffering from theft and burglary. Office buildings have become a more common target for break-ins.
This may be because criminals assume that a smaller business would not invest in proper security because of the expenses. Don’t leave your business in a vulnerable place, especially if you want to improve your business’s position for your next lease renewal.
Read on for some office building security systems tips.
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Hire Good Security

One of the most important things you can do is hire a good security staffing company. If you are outsourcing your security, make sure that you know what kind of training their personnel has had.
If your business is in the technology industry, then your security staff need to also be well versed and competent in any potential cyber attacks or breaches. If you are in the producing or manufacturing industry, then you will have other needs that your security need to address. Make sure that your security staffing company has experience in providing the specific type of security protecting your business needs.
Having a good security team is vital to any business’s building security systems. Security teams are usually responsible for checking people in and keeping an eye on your business and property among many other things. You want to have a peace of mind knowing that your business is in good hands, especially during non-working hours.

Security in Parking Lots

An important point is to make sure that your staff feels safe. They need to feel like they work in a secure facility. If your staff is worried about their personal belongings in their car or walking back to the parking lot in the dark, then you have a problem.
Make sure that you’ve covered beyond the building and into the parking lot when it comes to security. This will make your staff feel safe if they need to work overtime or into the night.
Extending the security net to include other places your staff walk to daily is a great way to improve your business’s position for your next lease renewal.

Make Sure all Entries are Secure

It is very likely that your building has more than one entrance and exit. Make sure that you have a reliable locking system for all of the emergency exits. Installing cameras at these points is also a great idea.
All doors that lead in or out of the building should have a monitoring device that can be controlled from a central location. Limiting the number of active entrances will also allow you more control in your building security systems.

Secure All Digital Networks

Reports from PDSI have shown that 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. A cyber attack can dramatically cripple your business, and leave you vulnerable to data breaches.
Make sure that all of your digital networks are safe and secure. An IT security expert can ensure that all of your technology is up to date and provide the best line of protection against any potential digital attacks or breaches.
Having appropriate firewalls, up-to-date security software, and antivirus technology are all some ways to make sure that you are protecting your business. Technology is an incredibly important part of building security systems, so make sure you are taking advantage of all of the options on the market today.

Secure Important Spaces

Control rooms, HVAC systems, and storage rooms with hard copies of data are important spaces that need to have extra security. You may want to consider installing extra monitoring of doors that lead in and out of these spaces.
Make sure that your staff is trained in understanding the importance of keeping these particular spaces secure. If you are considering transitioning from one security company to another, make sure that you give ample time for the transition so that the new team can be aware of these important spaces and how to best keep them secure.

Trained Staff

Make sure that your staff knows how to help make your building secure. Staff should know how to secure their work computers, the importance of keeping their IDs secure, and how to identify strangers.
The overall facility security plan should be included in all basic employee training. For those on your staff who may have to deal with the technical aspects of your business, make sure that they are well-trained in all the hardware and software on site.
Technology is an important part of any building security systems. As security technology has moved at a fast pace, you want to make sure you have a well-trained staff to handle it.

Ready to Update Your Building Security System?

Making sure that your building security systems are updated and working efficiently is a great way to put yourself in a good position for your lease renewal. Landlords want to see that you are putting the safety of their building as well as the people who work in them as a high priority.
There are many ways to ensure that your business is protected and safe. With the rise of criminals targeting small businesses, you want to make sure that you are minimizing the potential of becoming a victim.
Your business’ safety is important. The safety of you and your employees even more so.
Check us out for more information on how our security guards can help keep your business safe.
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