OPS Security Guard’s Smile Creates A Secure and Friendly Atmosphere

For the past few weeks, OPS has been reflecting on one of our security guard’s performance.
ABC news recently recognized an OPS security guard for creating a positive environment in the Avenir apartment building in Philly, where he’s the front desk security concierge.
His name is Oleg Cassini McKune, and he makes a point to smile and say something kind to every passerby at the front door.
We know Oleg as a great guy and top-notch security guard. He is always:

  • Timely
  • Professional
  • Friendly
  • Skilled at his job

Seeing others recognize his expert performance reaffirmed our belief in providing security services with a customer service mindset.

1. Create a better environment by providing hospitality-focused security services

Hospitality-focused guards don’t sit back, watch from a distance, or nod off at the security desk.
Hospitality-focused guards focus on their surroundings, make themselves visible, and interact with people. Their active behavior makes it clear your property is being watched, making it more secure.
What criminal would dare enter your building with visible, active guards?
Engaging guards that provide customer service, like Oleg, will make residents feel welcome and safe. Hospitality-focused security guards show you can count on their:

  • Security skills
  • Helpful actions

Great security makes bad guys feel unwelcome and your tenants feel at home.
Hospitality-focused security gives tenants a sense of security and tells them they’re in a pleasant place. This positive environment will eventually lead to more lease renewals on your property.

2. Customer-service mindset is key factor in our hiring process

OPS’s trains security guards and front desk concierges to fuse hospitality with top-notch building security.
Training will equip guards with top-notch security skills for a variety of situations. In-depth security skills will ensure you have tight-knit building security.
On the other hand, customer service is hard to teach.
Being friendly, polite, going the extra step to be helpful—we believe security guards have these traits innately or not at all.
So, OPS hires guards like Oleg who are naturally customer service oriented. Security guards equipped with customer service mindsets will make the same impact as Oleg.

Praise for our newsworthy security guard and concierge role model

We are so proud to call Oleg Cassini McKune part of the team at OPS Security Group. He has set an example for all OPS security guards.
His actions demonstrate the habits we want to train our guards, which will provide better security and friendly concierge for our property manager clients going forward.

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