Security to keep you safe in an uncertain world

Over 80 years of award winning, professional security services

We provide professional security and concierge service throughout PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, and DC. Our unique employee-first mindset fosters a culture of teamwork and transparency, which has a direct impact on the clients we serve.

After helping hundreds of people overhaul or develop their security programs, we know that improved security is not the only benefit 

Higher Rentention

Professional employees that reduce turnover and contribute to continuity 


We treat others with respect and common courtesy and arrive on time


We go out of our way to learn the specifics of your site and be on the ground experts

Leave your security needs with us

Front Desk Security

We take a hospitality-first approach and become an extension of your company so that tenants feel cared for. We prioritize excellence and a concierge-first mentality.

We are proactive in our communication and actions. We do it all with a smile.

Security Services

Whether protecting a construction or warehouse site, monitoring a crowd at an event or keeping close track of a person, we seek to serve knowing the most valuable assets are at stake. We take care of people and places like they are our own. We become your go-to source for knowledge and information about security operations.

Risk Management Services

Gone are the days when companies can get away with not doing necessary due diligence to assess potential risks and threats to people and operations. In a less secure world prevention becomes more important than ever. Risk management solutions keep you prepared.

Investigative Services

Sometimes you need an outside perspective. Sometimes that perspective can change an outcome — hiring a risky employee, validating an insurance claim, changing a decision in criminal law. Investigative operations can give you the insight you need to move forward.

Hear from some of our happy Clients


Building Superintendent

"What is there to say about OPS security group." if you have time for me to write a book then I will.


I have no complaints about OPS, in the end if I have an issue with anything in my bldg i know that OPS has it covered

Thank You OPS


General Manager

The guards and managers at OPS ensure that you not only feel but know they have your back. Respectful and willing to adapt to our needs the guards working at my locations have always been easy to work with and on more than one occasion have added to our positive online reviews.

Sarah Glass

Assistant Property Manager

As a Regional Property Manager, it is very important to have the very best on my properties when I am there and when I am not there. OPS Security Group provides that stellar service for me. From Upper Management to desk/security staff, OPS offers the most professional, helpful and flexible service in the Philadelphia region. I have received numerous compliments about them. Their work ethic is second to no other service in my opinion.