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Front Desk Services

Front Desk Security

The perfect mix of concierge and safety

Our front-desk staff are often the first and last people seen when entering and exiting your building

They take that role seriously, representing your brand with professionalism and always seeking to be helpful.

For property managers who want to provide exceptional service and peace of mind for their tenants, OPS provides helpful, highly-professional staff that care about how they represent your brand so that your tenants and residents get the white glove treatment and develop personal connections that make them renew their lease year after year.

Added benefits of OPS front desk services

Higher retention

Professional employees that reduce turnover and contribute to continuity for your residents

Added Value

Added amenity value with 24/7 service as a property selling point

Increased Security

Increased building safety so you, and your tenants and residents, have peace of mind

Increase Trust

Lost package prevention to increase trust in your brand


A helpful and courteous presence on site


Better ratings, reviews and brand reputation to attract and retain tenants

virtual to commercial

We offer flexible and adaptable front desk security options to cover anything you require

Residential Security

OPS security guards believe that a hospitality-first approach is the best way to improve the value and security of your building.

Commercial Security

Make the right first impression with a front desk concierge who welcomes employees and visitors and ensures proper protocol is followed in your building.

Virtual Security

OPS Security Group is a regional leader in quality comprehensive concierge service specializing in cutting edge virtual concierge services.

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