Residential Security

Residential security services rooted in hospitality and professionalism

Maintain a friendly face and a safe environment at your residential facility

Increase lease renewal

Charge a premium for added amenity value

Limit unauthorized visitors and unwanted guests

Protect your property, people and assets

Increase the value of your property

Your front-desk staff are usually the first and last impression of your building. It’s important that they build meaningful connections with your residents.

Your residents expect to live in a safe building with friendly staff which means you need security that safeguards your building, offers personable concierge services and a friendly face that residents recognize. That’s why our security staff are trained in being an extension of your brand with high-end customer service skills to make residents feel welcome and to keep your building safe and secure. We believe a hospitality-first approach is the best way to approach residential security.

Your front-desk staff are usually the first and last impression of your building. It’s important that they build meaningful connections with your residents. We know that every building is unique so we will work with you to create site-specific operating procedures and train our staff to meet your needs. We are a friendly presence at your building that helps residents feel secure knowing they won’t encounter any incidents.

We offer specialized training at all levels of the company and hand-select employees that will be a good fit for your building. We pride ourselves on being timely, personable and knowledgeable about your building and the surrounding neighborhood. We offer our employees opportunities to advance within the company into site managerial roles. This allows our best employees to grow with your site. Ongoing training gives them the skills they need to continue to offer you the best service. This also contributes to continuity at your site. Your residents expect to see a familiar face. By offering ample growth opportunities, our employees stick with us for the long-haul. 

OPS Residential Building Security comes with the added benefits of:

Increase Lease Renewal Rates

Added comfort and a friendly face encourages residents to renew their lease. On average, our clients report a 10% increase in occupancy and a 20% boost in retention.

Charge A Premium Rate For Better Amenities

Offering 24/7 concierge sets you apart from other residential facilities and you can charge for this desired amenity. 


Limit Unauthorized Access To Your Property

Front desk concierge will limit unauthorized access to your building. With a secure sign-in protocol, you can make sure only those who are supposed to be in the building are let in. 

Protect Your Property And Its Assets

With our security guards patrolling your property and its surrounding environment, potential threats and risky people are deterred.

Increase Your Property Value

Our professional service and people-first approach will raise the value of your residential building.

Our Mission

To lead the way in caring for, compensating and offering careers to our people, who in turn provide unparalleled professional services to our clients.


People First

Treat people with dignity and respect and help them become who they are capable of becoming.

Servant Leadership

Continuously improve and bring out excellence in others by modeling it yourself.


Stay loyal to what you said you would do long after the mood you said it in has changed.


Proceed on the course you laid out knowing that all good things come with time, effort and creativity.


Give people a reason to trust you knowing that a true measure of character is what you do without reward and how you treat those who can do nothing for you.

How does your security measure up??

Download our building security checklist to find out

Front-desk staff that go the extra mile

Our security staff form lasting connections with your residents. In addition to being knowledgeable about security operations at your site, they also go above-and-beyond to be helpful to residents. With our highly-trained front-desk staff, you will deter unwanted guests, manage pre-approved visitors like dog walkers or cleaners, minimize theft, greet residents with a friendly, familiar face and offer them ongoing help to make their lives more convenient. You’ll have traditional 24/7 residential security services like monitoring cameras and doing foot patrols. You’ll have the added conveniences of:

  • Helping carry groceries
  • Signing for packages
  • Making replacement keys

Your employees and residents will have a trusted resource on-site that operates with complete professionalism to make your brand look good.

Organize your building procedures with residential building security consultants

From understanding access points, to being able to direct emergency personnel in the case of an incident, your building needs a security standard operating procedure manual (SOPM). It’s important you have a team that knows how to respond in cases of emergency while also being helpful for day-to-day requests of tenants. You also need a reliable on-site staff that can document happenings and report them to your team.

We’ll develop a security plan and procedure manual for your site. This manual will be tailored to your needs and our guards will be trained in how to use it to ensure consistent adherence to protocol. We’ll also regularly communicate with your team.

Our front-desk staff can help your property management team by helping:

  • Field resident complaints
  • Process maintenance work
  • Conduct other general building customer service

Your tenants benefit from friendly concierge staff that greet them, help field their concerns and treat them with tact and care.

On average, our clients report an increase in occupancy by 10% and a boost in retention of 20%.