Virtual Concierge

Remote and on-site concierge when you need it

Keep your corporate office building or residential property running smoothly, remotely

24/7 Surveillance

Our local security agents remotely monitor your premise and are ready to handle any situation

24/7 Emergency Management

Our virtual security agents can quickly and remotely deploy police, fire, EMS and maintenance services

Discrete Security

Off-site security remains discrete while giving you and your tenants full security

Local Security Agents

Our security teams are locally based and able to respond quickly to situations which require an in-person response

We know that every building is run differently which is why we will work with you to create a plan that suits your exact needs.

OPS Security Group is the only security contractor in the Philadelphia region to offer virtual concierge services. For properties that are looking for an affordable alternative to a standard call box or for after-hour coverage in the evening when your staff returns home, OPS Security Group’s Virtual Concierge service gives your tenants and residents the continued security and reliability of a front desk staff from a remote command center located nearby.

Our tailor-made services will cater to your specific needs because we know every business is different. We can evaluate your project and provide you with the necessary security measures. Your team will be able to work closely with us from the beginning to make sure you're as safe as possible.

We support our employees so they can grow on the job. This opportunity allows them to better serve clients. Employee growth is a key to our success and client satisfaction. We offer employees opportunities for growth, training and development. The empowering experience of learning new skills, developing new expertise, and having their voices heard makes them happy and engaged. This ultimately leads to our success with clients like you.

Our Mission

To lead the way in caring for, compensating and offering careers to our people, who in turn provide unparalleled professional services to our clients.


People First

Treat people with dignity and respect and help them become who they are capable of becoming.

Servant Leadership

Continuously improve and bring out excellence in others by modeling it yourself.


Stay loyal to what you said you would do long after the mood you said it in has changed.


Proceed on the course you laid out knowing that all good things come with time, effort and creativity.


Give people a reason to trust you knowing that a true measure of character is what you do without reward and how you treat those who can do nothing for you.

 Flexible to suit your exact requirements

You can find a variety of concierge models to suit your needs. During the day, you can have an on-site front desk concierge to assist with any inquiries and answer questions. At night, the concierge desk is staffed entirely by our virtual concierge. Our unique blend of services ensures you experience the same level of security 24/7.

Keeping residential and commercial businesses secure

The virtual concierge not only saves time by allowing buildings to remove personal information from call boxes, but it also ensures that tenant information is kept confidential. The goal of a virtual concierge is to provide an extra layer of security by preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing your buildings.

We maintain constant communication with tenants, owners and property managers each month and provide detailed reports. This allows us to improve on service and for you to see that progress. We can also provide representation on homeowners association and condo boards on behalf of the interests of residents. Our concierge service will also allow you to pre-approve entries such as dog-walkers, cleaners and staff members. This also reduces the chance of tenant package theft with our center granting deliveries access to secure mailrooms only.

Responsive assistance 24/7

Our security professionals are highly skilled industry leaders. You’ll have support from the very best to give your tenants security and friendly service. We are available 24/7 and can easily be accessed by anyone who needs help. We pride ourselves on being highly responsive, openly communicative and timely.

Having a security team made of the best of the best is important to us which is why our command center is located in the region and not outsourced. Our staff is well-versed in emergency response and can easily dispatch police, fire, EMS and maintenance services when necessary. We can also grant remote access to the building, secure rooms such as mail, laundry and common areas, as well as help tenants that are locked out. We’ll be by your side 24/7, 365 days a year and will be on site within minutes to address any needs of the tenants.