Investigative Services

Undercover and discreet services to stay ahead of threats 

unbiased and Detailed investigations

With discretion and professionalism at the forefront, we handle investigative services with the customer in mind. We are highly-trained, knowledgeable and exceptionally professional.

Discreet and thorough investigations

Experts that know the law to help validate a case

Undercover operations to give you keen insight with full discretion

Pre-employment screening to validate candidates before issues arise

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Background Checks and Screening

Our background check and pre-employment screening service is a total, comprehensive search designed to makesure you know who’s working for you

Private Investigations

OPS Security Group offers the very best in discreet, experienced private investigation services

Civil and Criminal Investigations

The legal process can be a complicated matter, especially when the answers aren’t so clear-cut

Subpoena Process Serving

 OPS Security Group handles the tricky situations of serving a subpoena in person

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is the simple yet comprehensive service of investigating an individual that has skipped out on some kindof responsibility 

Labor Disputes

Union strikes can be a difficult time for everyone involved, regardless of personal alignment

Shrink and Loss Investigations

Our shrink and loss investigations play a crucial role in day-to-day retail operations and acute situations where theft or looting occur

Expert Testimony