Labor Disputes

Protection for your employees during disputes

Professional service to handle workplace conflicts

Avoid Costly Setbacks

Mitigate Potential Issues

Keep Premises Safe

Armed Or Unarmed Patrol Or Security Staff

To date, all of our personnel are experienced with lawsuits and successfully document misconduct on behalf of their client.

Labor disputes can put your business’s productivity on hold. To mitigate any potential issues, our labor dispute personnel adhere to strict media discretion and use video and audio documentation. We are here to better protect the interests of both parties in a dispute. To date, all of our personnel are experienced with lawsuits and successfully document misconduct on behalf of their client.

A business needs customers for success, and that means it needs security. You need qualified personnel with good skills to keep your premises safe, a professional demeanor to maintain order and a caring spirit to provide a secure environment. Our staff is compassionate, cordial and courteous. You need qualified personnel with good communication skills and we can deliver.

Service that stands out from the rest 

We will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. This is how we provide the level of professionalism and personal attention that makes us stand out from our competitors. All of our staff members are committed to providing exceptional customer service that will exceed your expectations. We can handle labor dispute protection, business continuity planning, physical security and protective intelligence.

Our trained staff members are professional, approachable and friendly. Due to the nature of a busy environment, you will need friendly and assertive faces who can direct and de-escalate any potential incidents. We also have a team of security guards to help with any needs you may have during your visit.

We have a commitment to our staff, and we follow through on that commitment by providing them opportunities for professional growth. This benefits the company because it helps us retain the best talent. We commit to providing every staff member with opportunities for growth and training, as well as the financial support that is needed to develop their skills and increase their responsibilities.

Security for unions and employees

If you need security and patrol services, our labor dispute service offers a variety of options. Whether it is armed or unarmed patrol or security staff, the company can provide certified service for any type of labor dispute. You can count on our certified specialists because they are trained to handle any type of labor dispute with this company's service.

We offer certified patrol and security staff with the option of both armed and unarmed patrol or security staff, which includes various types of training to handle any type of labor dispute with our company's service.

We can establish an armed or unarmed protected perimeter to deter incidents. You can have our security solutions for both leadership personnel and employees when traveling through the perimeter during working hours and we can secure the premises at night to prevent any unwanted incidents. You can also use our security escort services including special vehicle escorts for employee and company vehicles that enter and exist your property.

Our experienced labor dispute personnel are knowledgeable about union strike tactics and practices so we can demonstrate appropriate countermeasures and responses to incidents that may occur during a strike. Safety is a top priority in the workplace. Our team is committed to your safety and our goal is to make sure that you and your employees are protected.