Private Investigations

Experienced service with discretion

Hire a private detective to do the job

Detect And Reveal Information That May Be Hidden Or Unavailable Through A Usual Search

Our licensed private investigators are capable of completing assignments issued by you.

Your critical civil or criminal affairs need competent, discrete and experienced professionals to get the job done. We offer the very best in discreet, experienced private investigation services. You can trust that our private investigators are prepared to testify in court and offer thorough, truthful answers in case of litigation. With affordable and committed service, you can see why we stand out from the competition.

Throughout the process, our highly skilled private investigators can gather evidence and interview witnesses, suspects and victims. You can trust that our interview process is professional. Our trained private investigators have good listening skills and communicative practices for conducting investigations. We pride ourselves on our ability to ethically ascertain details during interviews.

Our licensed private investigators are capable of completing assignments issued by you. They can conduct surveillance for extended periods and detect and reveal information that may be hidden or unavailable through a usual search. You can be sure that our investigators provide the greatest amount of safety to you when taking on a case. This means they can handle themselves, are dedicated to you and attempt to remain hidden at all times when monitoring persons of interest.

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OPS Security Private Investigations can help 

Business Of Any Size

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Private Investigations covering a broad spectrum of industries

It doesn’t matter what you need us for, our service covers everything from simple workplace surveillance to uncover fraud to finding persons of interest. We work across a broad spectrum of industries and cases to satisfy our clients. Your matter needs knowledgeable personnel who can advise you and give guidance about the information gathered.

Our qualified private investigators are diligent about finding the truth about matters which other people might not want to uncover. We can respond quickly to any new developments and can keep you updated on the investigation. Our reports are detailed and ready to be shared with all required parties, including law enforcement.


trustworthy and discreet Investigations

We are trustworthy and discreet, and we will do our utmost best to investigate for you. You can work with us to determine your needs. We offer a wide variety of investigative and security services that are customized for your case.

We measure success by client satisfaction. As a result, satisfaction is a top priority for us. Our employees understand that we are focused on improving themselves and growing together, which has led to high levels of satisfaction.

Every day our employees have the opportunity to count accomplishments, learn new skills, and grow their careers in a culture that values growth over anything else. This environment has created a team of happy employees who are eager to go above and beyond each day, bringing you the service you deserve.