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Our shrink and loss investigations play a crucial role in daily retail operations and other situations where theft or looting can occur

Your business requires a lot of innovation and ingenuity. To stay competitive, you need to find ways of increasing profitability and cutting costs by reducing shrinkage and loss in day-to-day operations. In order to maintain a sustainable business, you need to be able to accurately track shrinkage and loss. This is where we come in to help. Properly assessing your business and putting preventative measures in place will save you money in the future. With our reasonable rates, you’ll be investing in something that secures revenue for your business.

Our shrink and loss investigations play a crucial role in daily retail operations and other situations where theft or looting can occur. We will work with your team to determine the best procedures to deter theft, including when it’s necessary to bring in the authorities. You won’t be left in the dark about your business because we understand the importance of clear and consistent communication.

Your employees on the front line, which is where most inventory losses occur, will work with us to develop a plan. We can help to provide training and information about how to identify theft from the inside out, which is not always about a person taking something without paying for it. It can also be a customer who returns an item without a receipt or even someone who has walked out with an item mistakenly placed in their bag instead of just walking past it in the aisle.

Our Mission

To lead the way in caring for, compensating and offering careers to our people, who in turn provide unparalleled professional services to our clients.


People First

Treat people with dignity and respect and help them become who they are capable of becoming.

Servant Leadership

Continuously improve and bring out excellence in others by modeling it yourself.


Stay loyal to what you said you would do long after the mood you said it in has changed.


Proceed on the course you laid out knowing that all good things come with time, effort and creativity.


Give people a reason to trust you knowing that a true measure of character is what you do without reward and how you treat those who can do nothing for you.

Loss Prevention and Safety

Our specialists are knowledgeable about regulations, loss prevention and safety so that you experience less shrinkage and better overall compliance with regulations. In today's increasingly litigious society, it is critical for organizations and businesses to mitigate their risks by understanding and implementing the appropriate loss prevention programs.

You can trust our professionals because they have a deep understanding of business, as well as experience in assessing and preventing property, inventory, or revenue losses. We are also experienced in loss prevention techniques. The best way to combat shrinkage and loss is to know what they look like before they happen.

When working with us, you’ll see that we work hard to ensure that our team members are proud of what they do and this is reflected in the quality of their work. We are confident that you will be impressed with the end result, too. That is why we encourage everyone to learn new skills and continuously improve. We know that this is part of what we do best.


we grow with our employees

We offer our employees the opportunity to grow and better serve our customers by providing them with meaningful career development opportunities. Our employees have found that not only are they able to work with like-minded colleagues to achieve their goals, but they also feel empowered and confident enough to take on more responsibility.

Our approach to company culture is simple: we grow with our employees. This in turn allows us to grow with our clients. As your business grows and expands, its needs and expectations will change. By staying nimble, our dedicated staff can deliver excellent service on time every time.