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Our executive protection security and bodyguard services are ideal for:

Coporate Executives

High Net Worth Individuals

Civil Rights Advocates

When it comes to safety, we are here to provide peace of mind. As an executive protection and bodyguard service, we offer security for those who face a high risk of threat due to what they do or where they live. This includes not only public figures but also members of the military or law enforcement who may be at risk in their line of work.

Our executive security professionals work with our clients to establish the logistics of our protection and how best to enhance their public and private safety day-to-day, at home, work or while traveling. We offer a higher level of protection for those with an increased risk of exposure to danger due to their line of work, location, personal associations or public visibility.

Close protection security services are often used for special events, but they can also be used for extended periods if needed. These services are usually contracted out to individuals or companies that feel they need an extra layer of security. This includes driving individuals to and from places and conducting travel pre-planning to map out safe routes.

Our Mission

To lead the way in caring for, compensating and offering careers to our people, who in turn provide unparalleled professional services to our clients.


People First

Treat people with dignity and respect and help them become who they are capable of becoming.

Servant Leadership

Continuously improve and bring out excellence in others by modeling it yourself.


Stay loyal to what you said you would do long after the mood you said it in has changed.


Proceed on the course you laid out knowing that all good things come with time, effort and creativity.


Give people a reason to trust you knowing that a true measure of character is what you do without reward and how you treat those who can do nothing for you.

Security By Your Side and ready to respond

You can go about your daily activities with ease knowing that you have capable security by your side. We take extra care to ensure our clients and their environments are safe. Our friendly staff won’t feel like an intimidating presence around you so you’ll be able to move freely. We’re here to assist you when you need us.

Understanding your daily routine and activities can help us create a plan that is customized to your special needs. We’ll work with you to create a custom plan of action. We are a security company that strives to protect you. Our team of professionals is trained to be on the lookout for suspicious activities and takes precautions to ensure your safety.

Trained to handle tough situations 

Our highly skilled security professionals are always timely and responsive to emergencies and dire situations. Communication is key to ensuring safety. Being communicative is one of our top priorities so you’ll be aware of any threats and emergency services can be dispatched quickly should a situation escalate. They can also provide first aid or CPR if necessary. Our trained security personnel have experience with handling tough situations and responding appropriately. You’ll be in safe hands with us by your side.

We work hard to develop our employees and provide them with the tools they need to be even more productive and to be fulfilled with their careers. The empowering experience of learning new skills, developing new expertise, and having their voices heard makes them happy and engaged. This company culture is what ultimately leads to our success with clients. These new skills help them to better serve you. Employee growth is key to our success and client satisfaction, which is something we take great pride in.

Physical protection from our security agents is more than just having someone by your side, it’s about knowing you are in the hands of a professional who can render assistance and remove threats easily. Our personable and courteous service will make your experience pleasant.