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Your organization should know that your information is safe and your interests are protected. Our technical security countermeasure services ensure that your facility is virtually airtight. A bug sweep for eavesdropping devices is a service for detecting hidden microphones otherwise known as bugs. They also help to detect other surveillance devices like video cameras.

Security planning and implementation for an organization is a necessary but often overlooked piece of a business plan. Too often, companies or agencies that get to a level that need safety and security either do not know they need it, or do not know where to go for help.

That’s why we help companies bridge the gap. Retaining a qualified and vetted consultant will give you the ability to build policy, procedure, and physical security measures until the time is right to hire internally.
Private companies, corporations, law firms, governmental agencies and non-profit entities can all benefit from outsourced security services. This service is good for companies looking to scale their security operations. It’s great if you are looking for advice from a trusted partner to oversee the design, implementation, assessment and handoff of a company’s internal security department.


"OPS Security was able to provide Front Desk Security service at a short moment’s notice to ensure a full staff in our community. The OPS team is willing to go beyond to sure a positive experience for their client and residents."

- Lisa F., Sr. Community Manager

"The guards and managers at OPS ensure that you not only feel but know they have your back.  Respectful and willing to adapt to our needs the guards working at my locations have always been easy to work with and on more than one occasion have added to our positive online reviews."

-General Manager

"The OPS Security team has become part of the family. Over the past several years they have provided stellar concierge and security services to our community with the ability to tackle all presented challenges."

- Kara B., Community Manager

"Our experience with OPS has been good and James has been extremely attentive and responsive to our needs. He has ensured that our expectations are being met on a constant basis."

- Jessica A., Sr. Community Manager

"What is there to say about OPS security group. If you have time for me to write a book, then I will.
I have no complaints about OPS, in the end if I have an issue with anything in my building, I know that OPS has it covered. Thank You OPS!"

- Building Superintendent 

"Transitioning a security company on a high profile, luxury, class A community can be super daunting. James and his team at OPS Security were able to execute any task I gave them to make the transition cleaner and quicker with little to no disruption to our daily operations. I continue to work closely with James on new Greystar opportunities! Highly recommend! "

- Christina P., Sr. Regional Manager

"We have been working with OPS Security for almost two years and have had a great experience. The staff and officers have always been professional and able to accommodate any of our requests. In addition to their professionalism, OPS staff and those in supervisory roles have always been responsive and reliable in their communication and ability to provide our building with security services. Would recommend this company!"

- Sarah G., Assistant Property Manager

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security personnel that are leaders in their field

Once a protocol is established, we help you hire and train a new head of security and handover operational control. We establish benchmarks, security operations manuals and protocols in line with industry best practices. We’re always there to assist with specific needs as they arise.

Our expert security personnel are leaders in their field. We stay up to date on industry trends so you don’t have to. By delivering best practices and procedures into a program you can administer yourself, we save you hundreds of hours of time. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your security operations. We’ll work with you to determine a specific course of action tailored to your needs. We’ll provide a full report and documentation of your program so you can reference it. We can even train your new team. We’ll be with you every step of the way until your new program is fully operational.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to our team. Our people-first approach helps us retain some of the industry’s best talent. We invest in them with training and career advancement opportunities. In turn, they offer an added level of support to you, the client.