Security Seminars

Comprehensive risk assessment and evaluation

Empower your employees

Employers May Benefit From These Seminars For A Reduction In Insurance Costs

Employees Receive Continuing Education Credits

Employers Comply With Human Resources Accountability Policies

OPS Security Seminars are ultimately aimed at employee confidence and team building. Our security and safety training services are available at either the OPS office or onsite at yours.

When your employees know they’re safe and know how best to react in stressful situations, productivity will increase and they’ll feel secure in the knowledge that they can make a difference in protecting themselves, their family and their coworkers.

Up to Code Instruction

Our security seminars offer easy to use and easy to remember steps presented in an engaging and friendly format by experts in the field with real world experience on the subject. All of our staff is kept up to date on industry-related regulations and trends, meaning that when you take one of our seminars, you’re getting the very best in modern security and safety training.

Active shooter prevention, response, and shelter in place through policy and procedure development, implementation, assessment, and training