Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM)

Protect your assets from hidden threats

Full technical sweeps will allow us to

Locate Unwanted Microphones And Listening Devices

Detect Hidden Cameras And Surveillance Equipment

Protect Your Information Privacy

Identify Security Breaches

Minimize And Remove Any Threats

Your organization should know that your information is safe and your interests are protected. Our technical security countermeasure services ensure that your facility is virtually airtight. A bug sweep for eavesdropping devices is a service for detecting hidden microphones otherwise known as bugs. They also help to detect other surveillance devices like video cameras.

The goal of a technical surveillance countermeasure is to identify existing security breaches and potential weaknesses in technical and communications security. We can also recommend corrective action to neutralize these risks.

Private residences, corporations, law firms, governmental agencies and non-profit entities can benefit from these services. These services can evaluate residences, commercial buildings, vehicles and communication equipment. Specific rooms or facilities like boardrooms or conference halls can also be examined. Our expert security personnel are leaders in the industry. Staying updated on industry standards and best practices is a part of what makes us deliver excellent service every time. We have a professional security staff that is extensively trained and uses the latest state-of-the-art TSCM equipment.

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Working with you to deliver results

You can rest assured that our highly skilled professionals will thoroughly examine the building, furniture and other locations for recording devices, camera systems and other surveillance equipment. We use a range of sophisticated equipment and techniques to detect any hostile signal interception. We will also be able to assess telephone cables and computer lines, electrical outlets and other wiring capable of transmitting communication for wiretaps to protect your privacy.

We’ll work with you to determine the best course of action. After our survey, we provide a fully detailed report of our findings with recommendations for improvement. You’ll never be left in the dark because our team values open communication and responsiveness.

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Technical Security Counter Measure​ (TSCM) services are suitable for:

High Net-Worth Individuals

Individuals Involved In Civil Disputes

Business Personnel


Custody Cases

Government Bodies