Cannabis Security Services

Industry leading security for the cannabis sector

Protect Assets from the Grow House to the Dispensary

Cannabis Security Services can include:

Compliance with Changing Regulations

Remote Monitoring

Provide Executive Protection to Facility Operators

Protect Employees & Goods During Transport

Prevent After-Hours Intrusion Attempts or Vandalism

As your business evolves in pace with new legislature, you can scale your security services to meet your specific site needs.

The cannabis industry faces higher-level security risks than most developing businesses. Easy-to-sell merchandise and large amounts of cash on-hand make marijuana growers and dispensaries targets. These security problems threaten your business, employees, and the quickly evolving cannabis industry itself.

Highly trained security scales with your business

Our highly trained guards ensure your people and your product are protected—from the grow houses, to manufacturing facilities, to dispensaries.

As your business evolves in pace with new legislature, you can scale your security services to meet your specific site needs.

Inviting experience creates return customers

We create a relaxed, but secure atmosphere for your dispensary with our hospitality-minded approach.

This approach builds your brand and creates a flow of returning customers because security is an effective, unobtrusive presence.


Security Services Tailored to Meet the Needs of the Evolving Cannabis Industry

As marijuana legalization has been pushed forward in our area, we’ve taken steps to tailor our regular armed and unarmed security services to meet the specific security demands of the cannabis industry.

Industry-specific security training paired with our hospitality-driven approach will protect your business and set it apart from the competition.

OPS security services personnel:

  • Control diversion of cash and product while maintaining an inviting atmosphere
  • Support business continuity during onsite protests
  • Prevent after-hours intrusion attempts or vandalism
  • Provide executive protection to facility operators
  • Protect employees & goods during transport
  • Trained by Americans for Safe Access (ASA) in best practices to decrease employee, patron, and OPS staff member exposure
  • Keep current with cannabis compliance laws (federal & state)
  • Advanced firearm training for worst case scenarios

Security to Support Your Customers, Employees & Business

Pair Hospitality with Protection

Create a comfortable medical cannabis purchasing experience for customers. Our guards are trained to be a polite, unobtrusive, but effective presence in your dispensary so your new customers and returning patrons can enjoy their time in your business.

Train Client Employees on Protection Best Practices

OPS can teach client staff diversion techniques and de-escalation best practices, Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB), situational awareness, active shooter and workplace violence scenarios.

We also help create, train, and review processes and procedures for on site protection.

Keep Business Moving With Local Support

With our large, existing workforce in the PA, DE, MD, and NJ area, OPS can respond to additional requests to fill in security gaps without subbing to third parties. This means your business is not met with delays because of lack of security resources.

Guard After Hours With Added Virtual Surveillance

24/7 live, off-site access control and monitoring offer fast response for situations that require on site security personnel, like after hours intrusion attempts, emergencies during operational hours, or employee theft investigation.