Event Security

Industry leading security to make sure your event goes off without a hitch

Event and convention center security for peace of mind

Event Security Services include:

ID and Credential Verification

Accurate And Comprehensive Reports

Guest Screening

Manual Searches

Emergency Response And Management

Wherever you choose to host your event, our flexible security personnel will ensure your event runs effortlessly.

Events need to be a place where you and your guests can be in the moment without worry. Your events should be enjoyable and without hiccups.

Your events will be covered with comprehensive protection of your guests and their property so your event can run smoothly. No headache. No sweat. You can focus on conducting your event and catering to those in attendance. It doesn’t matter if your event is large or small, you’ll have competent and friendly security by your side. You can be assured that your private parties, festivals, concerts, conferences, religious celebrations and ceremonies will be secure.

Security will do more than add a layer of protection for you. Peace of mind is priceless when it comes to event security protection. Effective crowd management and monitoring will ease congestion at events and keep your event costs down by ensuring property is not damaged. We’ll be there to prevent intrusions, unwanted surprises, monitor security breaches and be on the ball should any emergencies arise.


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Certified vendor for the Pennsylvania Convention Center

You’re in great hands. We are a proud member of the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau. We’re also a Certified Vendor and Partner of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center is one of the nation’s premier event spaces. With plenty of welcoming lounge space, over a million square feet of event space and the largest ballroom on the east coast, it’s ideal for large events.

OPS event security services

Guest Verification

ID and credentials verification of all in attendance will ensure no unauthorized persons can gain access to your event

Guest Screening

Metal detectors and hand wand services are available to effectively screen guests before entering your venue

Manual Searches

Prohibited items can be kept out of the event with pat downs and manual searches

Crowd Control

Efficient crowd management and monitoring will keep guests out of restricted areas

Comprehensive Reporting

Accurate and comprehensive reports on the event will be ready to share with management companies and venues as well as the clients who hosted the event

Emergency Response And Management

Personnel will spring into action in the case of emergency. They are ready to coordinate with local authorities with constant, open communication to keep any emergencies contained and your guests safe


Assistance with site dynamics and production coordination can be conducted all with an eye towards security and safety

our people-focused, mission-driven approach to security

You can depend on our professional staff because we take pride in our service. You can have a stress-free event because our highly trained staff is on the job.

We take pride in taking care of employees so they can perform at their best. We believe employee satisfaction equals customer satisfaction. We encourage a culture of career development, training and opportunities so our employees are confident in their ability to provide excellent service to you. You can trust our people-focused, mission-driven approach to security.