Philadelphia Warehouse Security: How to Protect Your Philadelphia Warehouse with 24/7 Security

philadelphia warehouse security

There were 33,150 thefts in Philadelphia in the past 6 months. There was also close to 8000 vandalism reports and around 4000 burglary and robbery incidents during the same time frame.
If you have a warehouse in Philadelphia the best way you can protect your business and assets is by having warehouse security.
Read on to learn what questions to ask before you hire a Philadephia warehouse security company for your warehouse.

Ask About Required Professional and Business Licenses

Pennsylvania regulates the private security industry at the state level. Security companies are required to be licensed through the Pennsylvania Licensing System (PALS).
The company must also be covered under a surety bond. Don’t take a company’s word for it. Ask for a certified copy of their license before you hire a warehouse security company in Philadelphia.

What About Insurance?

Next, find out whether that Philadelphia security company has the right amount of insurance coverage.
Ask them to show proof of insurance. Take a careful look at the policy to make sure that the coverage is enough for your needs. One million dollars is the standard coverage amount.
A good warehouse security company will have workman’s compensation as well as general liability and auto insurance.

Hire an Agency That Specializes in Warehouse Security

There are many companies out there that offer security services as an add-on to other services such as parking enforcement and janitorial services. Your best bet is to find a company that focuses on safety and security, has good reviews and excellent customer service.
There are various types of security – from event security to bodyguard services. You want to find a company that has extensive experience in warehouse security.
Security guards are just one of 10 ways you can improve warehouse security and protect your business.

Are Security Officers Properly Equipped?

You want to ensure that the guards that protect your business are properly outfitted. This means steel-toe boots, a distinctive uniform that identifies them as security personnel.
Each guard should have a flashlight, the right keys, and a walkie-talkie to be able to communicate with other guards on duty.
Ask if the company has guidelines on appearance. Security guards on your property reflect on your business. You want them to look neat, tidy and professional.

Ask About Security Management Plan

When you are searching for a reputable security provider for your Philadelphia warehouse, you want a company that can grow with your company.
That means finding a company that has a clearly identified management plan. This plan will give you a good idea of whether this company is a good fit for you. And it will help you determine if a long-term partnership would be possible between both of you.
Take a look at the company’s values and mission statement. For a good working relationship, your values should line up with your security provider. If they don’t, keep looking for another provider that may be a better fit.

Ask About How the Company Monitors Their Guards

The next thing you want to ask a Philadelphia security company is how their guards are monitored. A good warehouse security company will provide adequate supervision of their guards.
Some companies use GPS trackers to monitor the movement of each guard. This is both for the guard’s safety as well as to ensure that your entire premises are being appropriately guarded. It also ensures that the guards are rotating according to schedule.
Or guards may use a walkie-talkie or other method of checking in. Make sure you feel comfortable with the amount of supervision security guards will get before you sign a contract with a security provider.

What Kind of Training Do Security Guards Get?

A good security company will overtrain, not undertrain their employees. Security guards should be trained in weapons, risk assessment, public interaction, and counter-terrorism.
The best guards are ones that know what they will do in any given situation because of thorough training.
Good employers will not trust that their security school training is sufficient. They will offer continuing education for their employees.

How Much Will Philadelphia Warehouse Security Cost?

Now we come to one of the most important questions when researching security company in Philadelphia: cost.
Be wary of companies that give you a much lower bid than the rest. They may have less stringent employee standards or be a fly-by company that could leave you unprotected in the near future.
When you gather information about costs, ask about how often you can expect a bill. Will it be weekly, monthly or something else?
Ask if your security providers plan to charge an hourly rate or a flat monthly rate. And are there various levels of employees that each has a different cost?
Find out if you will be billed for uniforms and other equipment.
Once you have all this information, you will be better able to figure out if the cost will fit with your budget.

Bottom Line on Philadelphia Warehouse Security

We hope you found this post about Philadelphia warehouse security helpful. Rememeber, the quality of the security guards that protect your business is related to how good the security provider is.
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