Preventing Theft at Your Cannabis Facility — Both Internal & External

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Preventing Theft at Cannabis Facility — Both Internal & External

Having security services provided by an experienced security partner for your cannabis facility is extremely important to keep your customers, employees, and assets secure. The right combination of security services for your cannabis security goes beyond protection against theft; it includes emergency preparedness, crime prevention, shrinkage and loss prevention and so much more. 

OPS Security Group - Security Services - Dispensary SecurityA capable outsourced security team will keep your dispensary security in tip-top shape so your customers can enjoy the experience, trust your brand and build long-term relationships with you. It also ensures that you don’t become a victim of theft from external or internal forces. 

Business security in the cannabis industry is extremely important. As a high-risk industry, one with many changes and regulations, it is normal to keep large amounts of cash on hand because of the nature of your transactions. This is common knowledge to criminals. Here are some things you can do to prevent theft with the right security manager:

Run Background Checks on Employees

Background checks provide employers with the opportunity to evaluate the qualifications and suitability of prospective or current employees for your cannabis facility. Background checks are a very useful tool for employers to ensure potential hires are well-suited for the position, and they allow you to see how well candidates match your values and standard practices.

More importantly, you will be able to weed out candidates with a criminal background or any unscrupulous history. It will also allow you to eliminate candidates who may not have the experience or capacity to work in a fast-paced environment.

Use Layers of Barriers 

Physical barricades and reinforced barriers like bulletproof glass for doors, windows and displays can add another physical layer of protection. 

There are many reasons why access control is necessary for marijuana dispensary security. One, access control limits the people who can enter the building. It also helps control who has access to valuable assets inside the building, like hydroponic grow lights and cash. Technical equipment and liquid cash are all highly valuable assets that will hurt your bottom line if stolen. 

Some dispensaries have begun to use access control for security purposes. This limits the number of people who have access to the building and valuable assets, which can help prevent theft or other crimes.

Layers of access control can be used on exterior access points so only specific persons can enter buildings. It may also be helpful to allow a limited number of individuals to enter a building at a time. Employees can be monitored when they enter and exit with a check-in system so you have accurate real-time data to track.

Access control can also be implemented for specialized interior rooms for your cannabis facility. Server rooms and key storage areas can have specialized access for certain individuals. This will ensure that dishonest employees have no access to areas that contain sensitive information and valuable assets.

Full 24/7 Surveillance

Installing surveillance cameras is important to deter and prevent criminals from stealing from your cannabis facility. The mere presence of security cameras lets criminals know that there is a business security system in place and this usually includes alarms that trigger emergency services. 

Having cannabis security guards could also reinforce the presence of dispensary security in your cannabis facility. Having cannabis security guards perform regular patrols in and around your compound will help give you a better sweep of the area. A full physical presence during the day can be effective. In the event of a robbery, security guards can quickly act to deescalate the situation. An outsourced security team 

At night, your might opt for virtual surveillance for your dispensary security. A cannabis security team can also monitor your cannabis facility at night to ensure no one attempts to commit theft.

Inventory Management

Loss prevention and inventory management are security services used to reduce the risk of losses. It’s a way to keep track of items by monitoring and managing them throughout their entire lifespan.

The marijuana industry has been growing rapidly in recent years. This industry is not only expanding at a rapid pace but also continuing to gain popularity. As such, it’s important for your cannabis facility to take the necessary steps for loss prevention, to ensure you have enough product on hand at all times and that product doesn’t get stolen. A good security partner will have loss prevention officers run assessments of your current procedures and give actionable steps on how to improve them.

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