Why Reliable Corporate Security is so Important

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You take pride in the commercial property you manage. But are you taking the necessary precautions to keep your property—and thus your job—safe? If you don’t have a corporate security team on your side, now’s the time to secure one with the help of a security guard company.
Research shows that four in 10 businesses will likely experience property claims during the next several years, with theft and burglary being the top claims.
Still not sure if you should spring for corporate security services? Here’s a rundown of why reliable security for the commercial property you manage is so critical.
Let’s get started!
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Corporate Security Company Can Point Out Your Property’s Security Tech Needs

One of the worst things that can happen to you when you’re managing a commercial property is to find out that a crime has just occurred there.
Fortunately, with a corporate security company’s help, you may be able to avoid this nightmare. Why? Because your security team will take the necessary measures to scare off potential offenders.
For instance, the very presence of cameras alone might convince those contemplating committing violent acts that their risk of getting caught is far too great.
In addition to preventing criminal activity, virtual concierge surveillance systems may come in handy for identifying assailants who have managed to commit property crimes.
But a solid corporate security strategy involves more than just installing and reviewing cameras. A quality security team will also perform foot patrols on your commercial property, including inspecting the parking lots.
In fact, the team will go the extra mile—literally—by monitoring the surroundings of your property, too.
Plus, a front-desk concierge in your office building will keep unwelcome visitors out to protect the building and those in it. For instance, he or she can implement a sign-in system to make sure that only those who are authorized to enter the building get inside.
The more security layers you have in place at your commercial property, the harder an attacker or criminal must work to accomplish his or her goal. And that’s exactly what you want.

Threat Assessment

A strong security team will give you a good idea of how susceptible your commercial property is to violent acts. Factors that are important to consider when performing such an assessment include crime trends locally and employee backgrounds.
A top company can then help you to set up a strict and clear company policy concerning violent acts, along with a solid enforcement policy. All of this will benefit you and the facility under your watch in the years ahead.

Increasing Employee Comfort

Having corporate security personnel on hand is one of the smartest things you can do to promote confidence among the employees of the business whose property you are managing.
Think about it: Staff at the business will naturally feel a lot more comfortable at work once they learn that trained professionals are on site to keep them safe.
This is important because job performance and satisfaction are typically higher among workers who feel that their employers value them.
The more you keep staff happy with the help of a qualified corporate security team, the more loyal they will be to the company. And as a result, the more loyal the business owners will be to you, their property manager.
It’s a win-win-win situation.

Making Clients Happier

When you add clients into the mix, you’ll quickly have a quadruple-win situation.
Here’s why.
The more security you provide on your property, the more you reassure visiting clients that they’ll be safe, too.
The result? They’ll trust you more, as you have demonstrated to them that they are worth protecting in your eyes.
Plus, when you have a concierge at the building’s front desk, he or she will also serve as a customer service ambassador. In fact, a guard may even be able to escort a client to his or her car as needed.
Clearly, having a security team on hand communicates to clients that you are customer oriented and safe — everything customers expect a property manager to be.

Boosting Your Company Image

With a corporate security team, you also demonstrate to other local business owners that your level of professionalism is hard to match.
The more professional you appear by following best practices in security, the greater your chances of claiming more future property management work.

Strengthening Your Bottom Line

Speaking of “cha-ching,” with corporate security services, you can start charging premium rates for the better amenities you offer.
As you know, not all commercial buildings have security guard services. So, if you offer this unique and sought-after perk, it gives you a legitimate reason to charge higher lease rates.

What You Can Expect

So, you’ve decided to move forward with corporate security services. Congratulations!
But now what?
Your security company will start by putting together a procedural manual for you.
Whether the property you manage houses a single big company or several companies, building procedures may quickly become messy and complicated. That’s why having an organized security plan is essential from Day 1.
You can expect your new operations manual to be crafted for your specific property. And with the manual, you can rest assured that your guards will abide by standard security processes long term.
In addition, once everything is in place to keep your property secure, your team will keep the communication line open so that you stay in the loop. In this way, you can feel confident that your guards are properly handling the potentially large numbers of people entering and leaving your building.

How We Can Help

We have more than 80 years’ worth of experience in the areas of safety, investigations, and security. And with that, we are proud to offer a broad range of reliable security services to keep your commercial property secure day in and day out.
We realize that no two buildings are like. That’s why we tailor our security services to meet your particular needs, whether you want a concierge at the front desk or need the protection of an armed guard.
Contact us to find out more about how we can help you to safeguard your property and thus your bottom line for years to come.
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